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01X13: 12:00 P.M.-1:00 P.M.


Transcript by Daniel Smith

Do not archive this transcript without permission from the transcriptionist.

Jack Bauer (voice over): The following takes place between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. on the day of the California Presidential primary.


(The red van is on fire as Kevin Carol and Ira Gaines stand up. Gaines picks up his sniper rifle.)



(Jack Bauer and Rick are making a run for it.)


IRA GAINES: Neil., you two take the jeep. Cut them off at the service road. The rest of you go behind him.

(Ira slams his rifle into Kevin's stomach. Kevin falls.)

IRA GAINES: How could you let this happen? (On radio) We'll cut him off at the service road. Bauer, his wife and Rick. Make sure they don't double back.

KEVIN CAROL: I thought I could handle them.

IRA GAINES: Stop thinking.

(Ira and Kevin make a run for it to the service road)

(From a distance Teri and Kim Bauer can see the van going up in smoke.)

TERI BAUER: Okay we have to keep moving.

KIM BAUER: What if dad is...

TERI BAUER: Your dad's okay. Come on. He told us to meet him at the water tower that's what we're going to do.

Cut to Jack and Rick.:

(Rick is wounded and he lays against a tree.)

RICK: I can't.

JACK BAUER: Shut up� You can and you will. (He reloads his weapons.)

RICK: I'm slowing you down.

JACK BAUER: Yes you are so you better start speeding up.

(Jack points his gun aiming at one of Gaines' men as the man walks away)

JACK BAUER: We can move come on.

Cut to Teri and Kim:

TERI BAUER: Wait, get down.

(More of Gaines' men get out of a van and start looking for them.)

KIM BAUER: What are we going to do mom?

TERI BAUER: (Pulls out the PDA) We can't go back, we can't go forward. They're everywhere. We can catch the road further up where it cuts into the woods.

KIM BAUER: Dad told up to follow the creek bed.

TERI BAUER: We don't have a choice do we Kimberly?

(They start to climb up a hill and head for the woods)



(Nina Myers is trying to call Jack but no luck)

TONY ALMEIDA: Hey Nina. The property where they are holding Jack's family was leased six months ago by a company that doesn't exist. I have to go over the tax records� You all right?

NINA MYERS: Jack's still not answering his phone.

TONY ALMEIDA: He could have shut it off, keep it from ringing.

NINA MYERS: Or maybe something has happened to him.

TONY ALMEIDA: Look, if anybody knows how to take care of himself it's Jack. Plus our tactical team should be there in a couple of minutes. Buddy is heading up the operation, he's good.

NINA MYERS: Maybe you're right. I should have brought Green in sooner.

TONY ALMEIDA: You let Jack make the call because it was his family on the line. What could you do?

NINA MYERS: Yeah...Look I'm sorry. Since this whole thing got started I guess I've been a little harsh.


NINA MYERS: All right a lot harsh. I've been afraid.

TONY ALMEIDA: You don't have to explain. You want to talk about us, we'll talk later. Okay?

NINA MYERS: I just want you to know that...

(Alberta Green interrupts)

ALBERTA GREEN: I understand your bringing in Jamey Farrell's mother?

NINA MYERS: Yes to pick up Kyle. Her son.

ALBERTA GREEN: Before she sees him I want the two of you to question her. If she has information that can help us protect Palmer I need to know.

NINA MYERS: What makes you think she has any information?

ALBERTA GREEN: $300,000 dollars was deposited into her bank account over the last four months. FADE OUT!


SENATOR PALMER: They killed George Faragamo. That fire was no accident. I want to talk to Maureen Kingsley then go straight to the DA.

MIKE NOVIC: Wait until you have all the facts before you go off David.

SENATOR PALMER: The facts? He was killed so I'd get elected.

MIKE NOVIC: You don't know that.

SENATOR PALMER: Then what do you think happened?

MIKE NOVIC: I'm saying lets take a beat to see how we should play this before we do anything.

SENATOR PALMER: There's only one way to play this Mike. Maureen Kingsley is going to get the story of her career after all.


SENATOR PALMER: After I talk to her I'll see the DA.

MIKE NOVIC: Shouldn't you run this by Sherry?

SENATOR PALMER: Why? So she can talk me out of it?

MIKE NOVIC: She's your wife David. She deserves to know.



(Ira is on his cell phone with Andre Drazen. Kevin is standing behind Ira)

ANDRE DRAZEN: Has the compound been cleared?

IRA GAINES: Yes. There's been a change of plans.

(Andre Drazen is in the back of his limo)


IRA GAINES: Meaning Bauer showed up here just like I said he would.

ANDRE DRAZEN: You have him?

IRA GAINES: Not yet but I will.

ANDRE DRAZEN: Congratulations Ira. You may have bought yourself a second chance.

IRA GAINES: My contract included killing Palmer as well. I want to make good on it. The way you were talking it sounded like you handed it off to someone else.

ANDRE DRAZEN: Bring me Bauer's body. Then we'll talk about the Senator.

IRA GAINES: You'll hear from me soon.



IRA GAINES: Yeah. Either we eliminate Bauer or Drazen eliminates us.

KEVIN CAROL: And that's the only option here.

IRA GAINES: Basically.

KEVIN CAROL: Getting Bauer is not as easy as it sounds. I heard them phoning in some GPS coordinates to somebody. Whoever that somebody is they will be sending in the cavalry soon, I say we cut our losses and get the hell out of here.

IRA GAINES: You don't just get the hell out of here with these people. They come after you and keep coming until they find you, no matter where you are. When they do, believe me, killing Bauer is our only chance of staying alive.

Cut to Jack and Rick:

12:10:03, 12:10:04, 12:10:05

(Jack and Rick enter the water tower but Teri and Kim are not there)

JACK BAUER: They should have been here by now. Come here. Let me take a look at that. (Checks out Rick's gun wound) You're not mortally wounded. The bullet passed straight through. Didn't hit any bone. You got any loose clothing?

RICK: My back pocket.

JACK BAUER: I got it. (Wraps cloth around the wound.)

Cut to Teri and Kim:

TERI BAUER: Wait. Hold up Honey.

KIM BAUER: Are you okay?

TERI BAUER: Yeah, I just need to find out where we are. We may have veered a little south. We should have been at the road by now.

KIM BAUER: You don't know where we are do you? Mom. Where lost aren't we?

12:12:01, 12:12:02, 12:12:03


12:16:28, 12:16:29, 12:16:30


(Senator Palmer and wife Sherry are talking)

SHERRY PALMER: Mike's your advisor, what does he think?.. He agrees with me. He thinks your making a mistake by taking them on.

SENATOR PALMER: They have all ready covered up one death.

SHERRY PALMER: You don't know what happened to Faragamo, but even if you're right will turning this into a media circus bring him back to life?

SENATOR PALMER: (Sighs) That's not the point.

SHERRY PALMER: Your career and your family, you're throwing everything you've built without any hard evidence of what really happened.

SENATOR PALMER: Police will find the evidence.

SHERRY PALMER: No they won't because Carl and the people he works for, they will twist the system to get the results that they want. That's what they do David. You'll be left with nothing� Sweetheart, to fight these people you need power. The kind of power you will have once you become president... We knew from the start that this would be an uphill race, but we're almost there........Look at the polls.

SENATOR PALMER: Sherry I don't know.

SHERRY PALMER: No think David.

SENATOR PALMER: How can I do the job, when my own house isn't in order?



JACK BAUER: I told them to wait at the water tower. You heard me say that right?

RICK: Yeah. What are you going to do?

JACK BAUER: I got to go back and find them. (Jack calls Alberta Green)


JACK BAUER: Alberta it's Jack. There's been a complication.

ALBERTA GREEN: I'm listening.

JACK BAUER: Teri and Kim are not where they were supposed to be. I got to go back and find them.

ALBERTA GREEN: I need to tell the incoming team where to pick you up.

JACK BAUER: Fine, tell them at an abandoned water tower, north area of the compound. Check your satellite photos. Alberta. If I'm not back when the team arrives they'll find a kid in here. His name is Rick, he's wounded.


JACK BAUER: He's someone who helped us get out of there.

ALBERTA GREEN: Three tactical units are on there way.

JACK BAUER: How much longer?

ALBERTA GREEN: Ten minutes.

JACK BAUER: Okay I copy. Out. (HANGS UP)

RICK: Jack.


RICK: Thanks.

JACK BAUER: Don't thank me, thank my daughter.

RICK: This whole thing, believe me, I had no idea what was going on. Dan said we were just trying to scare a couple of guys who were backing put of a deal.

JACK BAUER: When you started to see what was happening you should have done something.

RICK: He was my friend.

JACK BAUER: Hey, you kidnapped my daughter, you're going to have to live with that. Son, part of getting a second chance is taking responsibility for the mess you made in the first place you understand me?

RICK: Yes.

JACK BAUER: Good. I'll be back in a few minutes.

12:20:57, 12:20:58, 12:20:59

(Jack Bauer starts his search in the compound for Teri and Kim. They are hiding in an old rundown shack. Gaines' men are all over the place. One of Gaines' men, Jenson, walks towards the shack. Inside Teri and Kim hide behind a wall. Teri lifts her gun and waits for Jenson to enter. Jenson enters and starts walking towards Teri and Kim. He gets close as Ira Gaines' radios everyone.)

IRA GAINES: It's Gaines. Everyone circle back to section five.

(Jenson exits the shack)

TERI BAUER: Okay. When he gets to the back of the shed we'll move.

KIM BAUER: What if he sees us?

TERI BAUER: We'll be all right. (Teri's stomach is hurting)

KIM BAUER: You okay?

TERI BAUER: It's nothing.

(Jenson surprises Teri and Kim and gets ready to fire at them, but Jack appears.) JACK BAUER: (Shouting) Teri stay down! (Jack fires everal bullets into Jensen, and he dies. Jack grabs Teri and Kim. Ira Gaines heard the shots. Jack grabs Jenson's radio.) IRA GAINES: (On radio) This is Gaines who's shooting? Whoever's shooting call in your position now.

JACK BAUER: Damn it. They're going to be all over this place. We have to move now.

(Jack checks the area)

JACK BAUER: Clear. Come on we have to get out of hear now.

12:24:46, 12:24:47, 12:24:48


12:29:09, 12:29:10, 12:29:11


IRA GAINES: (On radio) Maxton and Neil you're the only two who haven't checked in yet.

MAXTON: This is Maxton.

IRA GAINES: Where the hell are you? Why haven't you checked in yet?

MAXTON: We're crossing the creek to meet up with Peterson's group. Trying to cut off Bauer from the service road.

KEVIN CAROL: What about Neil?

IRA GAINES: Maxton where's Neil?

MAXTON: He split off on his own. Northeast side of the creek.

Cut to Jack, Teri and Kim:

JACK BAUER: Okay. (Looks at palm pilot) There coming from over there. We can hit the road down a little farther. Come on.

Cut to Jenson's body:

(Gaines and Kevin are there)

KEVIN CAROL: There's no radio.

IRA GAINES: Bauer's been listening� TO EVERY DAMN WORD.

12:35:06, 12:35:07, 12:35:06


(At CTU. Nina and Tony think that there might be a connection between the hit on Palmer and the country in Belgrade)


(Jack, Teri, and Kim are waiting by the lake for the CTU chopper to land)

JACK BAUER: The chopper should of been hear by now.

KIM BAUER: What about Rick? I thought he was supposed to meet us here?

JACK BAUER: He's waiting for us in the water tower. When the chopper arrives he'll come out.

KIM BAUER: I'm getting him, there's no one around.

(A shot almost hits Kim.)

JACK BAUER: Kim get back!

(From atop a hill Gaines almost takes Kim out.)

JACK BAUER: Sniper rifle.

TERI BAUER: What do we do?

JACK BAUER: Stay here. Don't move for anything but the chopper.

TERI BAUER: Where are you going?

JACK BAUER: He wants me.

12:36:46, 12:36:47, 12:36:48 COMMERCIAL BREAK

12:41:06, 12:41:07, 12:41:08


(Jack comes within distance of Gaines' rifle. Ira fires but Jack takes cover and hides behind a tree.)

IRA GAINES: He's trying to draw us away from the women.

KEVIN CAROL: That's fine by me. Once he's dead they will be easy.

IRA GAINES: I'll keep him pinned down. Circle around until you get a clear shot.

(IRA GAINES fires again and misses)

(Jack sees something shining on the ground and tries to grab it. He gets it as Gaines fires and almost hits him)

JACK BAUER: Ahh! Damn it!

IRA GAINES: (On radio to Jack) That's right Jack, you don't have a shot from that distance. How much longer do we have?

JACK BAUER: Until what?

IRA GAINES: Until your people get here?

JACK BAUER: I wouldn't wait around to find out if I were you.

IRA GAINES: I don't have a choice. The people I work for made that very clear.

(Jack fires at Gaines as he repositions� We hear the CTU chopper in the sky)

(Jack grabs the shiny object he found and uses it to blind Gaines for a second. Gaines reacts to the blindness and he gets up to move. Jack fires and hits Gaines in the arm.)

IRA GAINES: AHHHH. (Ira starts to leave a trail of blood and Jack follows it.)



(Palmer is about to speak to the DA about the Faragamo accident.)

MIKE NOVIC: The DA's inside, you want me to sit in?

(Palmer sees Carl sitting down in the other room)

SENATOR PALMER: Give me a minute.

SENATOR PALMER: The DA's down the hall Carl. Waiting for me to tell a story........It's over.

CARL: See and I think it's just getting started. I like you David. I do and I think you would make one hell of a commander in chief.

SENATOR PALMER: I know what you did to Faragamo.

CARL: Every engine produces waste. It's the physics of the situation.

SENATOR PALMER: Listen to yourself.

CARL: Consider the alternatives. A year from now you will be either promoting your agenda for the nation or visiting your son in prison.

SENATOR PALMER: A jury will believe that it was an accident.

CARL: I'm not talking about the rape David. I'm talking about Faragamo.

SENATOR PALMER: Keith had nothing to do with that.

CARL: Of course he didn't, but if somebody were to mention the word arson.

SENATOR PALMER: Son of a bitch. (Grabs Carl) You planted something?

(Palmer lets go and Carl leaves)

MIKE NOVIC: What was that all about? The DA is waiting in there. What do you want me to say?

SENATOR PALMER: Tell him I'm sorry, I have nothing to say. I made a mistake.

MIKE NOVIC: I don't understand.

SENATOR PALMER: I'm running for president Mike. I'm going to win.

12:47:22, 12:47:23, 12:47:24


12:51:28, 12:51:29, 12:51:30


(The chopper lands. Teri and Kim run out. Seven or eight federal tactical agents jump out of the chopper and run over to Teri and Kim)

AGENT: Mrs. Bauer are you okay?


AGENT: Do either of you need medical attention?

TERI BAUER: No we're okay but Jack....

AGENT: Where is he?

TERI BAUER: Up there somewhere.

(Kim runs to the water tower and does not find Rick inside. Rick has escaped to the street and gets on a bus.)

JACK BAUER: You're losing blood.

IRA GAINES: Not enough to stop me from killing you.

JACK BAUER: Maybe neither of us have to die.

IRA GAINES: Like I said Jack I don't have a choice.

JACK BAUER: Maybe at least you could tell me what's going on. Cofell, he mentioned something about Belgrade. That was a military operation, how is Palmer connected to that?

IRA GAINES: You were there Jack, you should know.

JACK BAUER: Let's say I don't.

IRA GAINES: Neither do I. The less I know the better I can work. That's just the nature of our business.

(Jack continues to follow Gaines' blood trail)

JACK BAUER: Then why did you bring my family into this?

IRA GAINES: That may have been a mistake. They wanted to make it personal.

(Jack comes out of the blue behind Gaines pointing a gun at his face.)

JACK BAUER: Who's They?

(Gaines is stunned)

JACK BAUER: Put down the weapon Mr. Gaines. We can protect you.

IRA GAINES: No you can't.

JACK BAUER: Put down the weapon!

(Gaines stands up)

IRA GAINES: Good luck.

(Ira turns around to shoot Jack. Jack dodges the bullet and fires a shot into Gaines' chest, killing him instantly. Seconds later the C.T.U. agents grab Jack)

AGENT: Federal agent, drop your weapon. Interlace your fingers behind your head.

(Jack falls down and puts his hands on his head.)

AGENT: (On radio) We have Bauer in custody.

JACK BAUER: Sweetheart?

TERI BAUER: Jack! Thank God you're okay.

(All three of them hug)

TERI BAUER: It's over right?

JACK BAUER: Yes I promise.

AGENT: Agent Bauer lets move.

JACK BAUER: My family's been through hell, I'd like them to ride back with me.

AGENT: That will be fine sir.

(They all board the chopper as the chopper lifts off from the compound and starts to fly back to C.T.U.)


ALBERTA GREEN: Jack and his family were rescued. They will be back in ten minutes.

NINA MYERS: That's good news. We need to move fast on something else. We found out where the money came from. A off shore bank account in Belgrade.

ALBERTA GREEN: Wait a minute, Belgrade?

NINA MYERS: Before I lay it out you need to upgrade the threat assessment on Palmer.

ALBERTA GREEN: Nina you need to give me more than that.

NINA MYERS: The same account shows a transfer of funds to an assassin in Belgrade.

ALBERTA GREEN: That's old news. The photographer from the breakfast this morning.

NINA MYERS: No. Our contact over there says this assassin left Yugoslavia this morning which means he's probably all ready here.

ALBERTA GREEN: A second hitter.

(We see only a person's legs getting into a car. The person presses a button and a garage door opens. We then see his face as he puts on his sunglasses and drives out of the garage, onto the streets of Los Angeles.)

12:59:57, 12:59:58, 12:59:59, 1:00:00



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