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Episode 10



01X10: 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


Transcript by Daniel Smith

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Jack Bauer (voice over): The following takes place between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on the day of the California Presidential primary.

(A helicopter is flying by downtown Los Angeles and we hear the reporter from inside the chopper )

REPORTER: This is Dave Thompson in jet copter three, it's just after 9:00 A.M. on primary day here in Southern California and the freeways are looking pretty good. Usual delays in the Sepulveda pass southbound but it loosens up at Culver. We'll have a complete report in six minutes. Back to you Bill.

REPORTER #2 (In studio) Thanks Dave. In the news we haven't learned any more about the incident at the San Clarita power plant where Senator David Palmer was rushed out this morning. We're told the Senator was unharmed but secret service and the FBI haven't released any new information .



(Jamey is being worked on by two medical staff)

MEDIC#1: Get the drip started.

MEDIC#2: I'm on it.

MEDIC#1: Find me a pulse.

MEDIC#2: Got a pulse. 140/30

MEDIC#1: Pupils not reactive. Respiration shallow. 48. She's lost a lot of blood.

(The medics put her on a wheelie stretcher and take her out and to the clinic.)

NINA MYERS: Everyone... I'm sorry to tell you that Jamey Farrel tried to commit suicide a few minutes ago. Fortunately she's still alive and they're doing everything they can to keep her that way. We still have reason to believe that Senator Palmer's life is still in danger which means we all have to get back to work now.

TONY ALMEIDA: You want to look at this?

NINA MYERS: Not now, call Jamey's mother have her pick up Kyle.



(Jack phones Nina)


JACK BAUER: Hey it's me hold on... Okay.

NINA MYERS: Did you get the car?

JACK BAUER: Yes and I got the care package to, thanks.

NINA MYERS: Jack, Teri called.


NINA MYERS: Bout twenty minutes ago.

JACK BAUER: Where is she what did she say?

NINA MYERS: I don't know, she barely had time to say her name before she got disconnected.

JACK BAUER: What happened?

NINA MYERS: She didn't call back and when I tried to redial the number was blocked. From what I can tell she sounded all right.

JACK BAUER: The police have thrown a net over this entire area, I can't help Teri until I get through it.

NINA MYERS: Maybe you should think about turning yourself in. Tell your side of the story.

JACK BAUER: No, Gaines will keep them alive as long as he knows I can be useful to him. Scan the police frequencies, see if you can locate any roadblocks for me.

NINA MYERS: All right. Just a minute... Okay.

JACK BAUER: Jamey give you anything else?

NINA MYERS: Jack... Jamey tried to kill herself......Did you hear me?

(Jack spots a police car blocking a street)

JACK BAUER: Yes. You said she tried. Are you sure it was a suicide attempt?


JACK BAUER: Okay send someone down to county to question her in case she makes it. Right now she's still our best source for information.


(Jack sees a bigger road block ahead of him)


NINA MYERS: What's wrong?

JACK BAUER: They set up a roadblock at Montana. Nina I could have used a heads up there.

NINA MYERS: Sorry, they must have set it up before I started scanning.

JACK BAUER: Find me another route.

NINA MYERS: All right give me a second to pull up LA traffic.

(Teri calls CTU.)

TERI BAUER: Kim go to the window, let me know if somebody comes.......

NINA MYERS: Tony, line three can you get it.

(Tony answers)

NINA MYERS: Okay Jack looks like roadblocks aren't your only problem. They sent a description of you to all the units in the area.

TONY ALMEIDA: Nina, it's Teri Bauer.

NINA MYERS: Jack hold on a minute... Teri.

TERI BAUER: Nina thank God.

NINA MYERS: Where are you?

TERI BAUER: I don't know but I got a hold of a phone.

NINA MYERS: Okay is Kim with you? Are you all right.

TERI BAUER: Yeah I'm fine Kimberly's fine. Where's Jack?

NINA MYERS: Yeah, listen. I'm gonna connect you with him right now. Leave the line open as long as you can so we can set up a trace.


NINA MYERS: Jack I got Teri.

JACK BAUER: Patch her through.

KIM BAUER: Mom someone's coming.

JACK BAUER: Teri... Teri.

(Teri hides the open lined phone as Eli and Rick enter)

TERI BAUER: What do you want from us?

ELI: I left my phone in here you seen it?


(Eli looks around)

ELI: Better not be lying bitch.

NINA MYERS: Jack I've muted our side of the conversation.

JACK BAUER: Good, keep this side muted, I don't want to give away this phone.

ELI: They moved everything around in here. Rick you seen it anywhere?

RICK: No man. I haven't.

NINA MYERS: Got anything on that trace?

MILO: Latitude is somewhere north of the ten. I should have a rough longitude in a couple minutes.



9:09:30, 9:09:31, 9:09:32

REPORTER: This is Dave Thompson in Jet copter three. Were seeing some congestion in North Hollywood near the Grant Elementary school. Senator Palmer is due to make an appearance there, and it looks like supporters and media are hoping to catch a glimpse of the presidential candidate who is not letting this morning's incident interfere with his day.

(Palmer's motorcade arrives at the school)



NINA MYERS: Jack we have a preliminary read on the trace. It's a pretty big area.

JACK BAUER: I'm listening.

NINA MYERS: North of the ten east of the 405.

JACK BAUER: That's a start. Now get me through these cops.

NINA MYERS: Your best bet is east on Thurston.

JACK BAUER: All right. Nina stay on that trace and help me find my family please.

TONY ALMEIDA: Take a look at this.

(Nina walks over to Tony's desk)

TONY ALMEIDA: I was checking Jamey's disk to see if I could find any e mails. She was pretty careful about cleaning everything up but she must not of had time to delete this one.

NINA MYERS: From this morning.

TONY ALMEIDA: To a anonymous recipient.

NINA MYERS: What about the encryption?

TONY ALMEIDA: I'll get Milo on that, but you can still see the subject.

NINA MYERS: Ted Cofell. Find out who he is.

(Phone rings. Tony finds out that Jamey didn't make it.)

TONY ALMEIDA: Nina, that was the clinic. Jamey didn't make it.

9:13:51, 9:13:52, 9:13:53


9:18:22, 9:18:23, 9:18:24



TERI BAUER: Jack where are you?

JACK BAUER: I'm on my way to get you out of there sweetheart. You okay?

TERI BAUER: Yeah, I'm hanging in there.

JACK BAUER: Good thank God. Nina's tracing the cellular signal to you.

TERI BAUER: How long will that take?


NINA MYERS: Twenty minutes. Narrowed down to five hundred square miles.

(A cop speeds up to Jack's car)

NINA MYERS: Teri don't worry were closing in on it.

(A siren blares)

OFFICER: Pull the vehicle over.


JACK BAUER: I'm still here. Is there anything you can tell us that might help us find you?

OFFICER: Right now sir. Pull over.

TERI BAUER: I know where at least a few miles out of the city.

JACK BAUER: Look this is going to take me about a minute, hold on okay.

(The officer's get out of the car and walk up to Jack's car. Jack then speedes off. The cops get back into their car, blare the sirens and give chase into a parking lot. Jack gets out and hides under a car as officers now on foot look for him)

OFFICER: 1 19 North sector nothing so far.

TERI BAUER: Jack are you all right.

JACK BAUER: Look it will really help us out if you could tell us everything you know about where you are.

TERI BAUER: I don't know much they blindfolded me when they picked me up.

JACK BAUER: Where was that?

TERI BAUER: Mullholland near Coldwater.

JACK BAUER: How long did it take you to get there?

TERI BAUER: Not sure, half an hour.

JACK BAUER: Surface roads or freeways?

TERI BAUER: Freeways I think... There's hills everywhere and trees.

MILO: That helps. I got it narrowed down to three sectors.

NINA MYERS: Don't worry Teri, we're making good progress.

JACK BAUER: Teri, I'm gonna find you, I promise.

TERI BAUER: I know you will Jack.

JACK BAUER: Nina is tracing the call. We'll have your location in a couple minutes but it's really important you don't hang up that phone okay Teri. Sweetheart, Are you sure you're all right?

TERI BAUER: I'm fine. So is Kim.

JACK BAUER: Put her on the phone so both of you can hear.


JACK BAUER: Hey sweetheart. You okay?

KIM BAUER: Yeah. Who are these guys? Why are they doing this?

JACK BAUER: I don't know honey but I'm gonna find out I promise. Look I want both of you to know that I'm here for you. I love both of you more than anything in the world. I promise I'll get both of you out of there. So no matter what happens don't give up. We're a family, we're gonna get through this together. Sweetie don't forget I'm coming to get you. Sweetheart stay on the phone, I'll be right back.

(Jack is still under the car. He gets out and hides behind a SUV.)

JACK BAUER: Honey you still there?

KIM BAUER: Mom, he's coming.

TERI BAUER: Jack I have to get off the phone. He's coming.

JACK BAUER: Who's coming? Teri keep that line open.

(Eli and Rick enter)

RICK: Look, it's just a phone.

ELI: It's how Gaines gets a hold of me when he needs me.

RICK: You already looked here.

ELI: Where is it?

TERI BAUER: I don't know.

ELI: Where's my phone?

TERI BAUER: She doesn't know either.

ELI: (hits Teri on the floor) Come here.

KIM BAUER: Stay away from her.


(Cell phone signal starts beeping)

JACK BAUER: Nina what's happening?

NINA MYERS: The battery's dying.

(Eli finds the phone)

ELI: Who did you call? (Into phone) Who is this?

JACK BAUER: I am the last thing that you will ever see if anything happens to my wife or daughter.

(Eli hangs up) RICK: Where you going?

ELI: Tell Gaines they called for help.

RICK: What you think he's gonna do when he finds out they used your phone man? JACK BAUER: Nina. Tell me you got that trace.

NINA MYERS: We didn't get it.

9:27:16, 9:27:17, 9:27:18


9:32:14, 9:32:15, 9:32:16

(Jack steals a car and gets out of the parking lot without the cops finding him. He heads back on the main road.)

JACK BAUER: Nina still there?

NINA MYERS: Yeah, what's happening?

JACK BAUER: I got a car. How close did Milo get on the trace?

NINA MYERS: Twenty five mile radius.

JACK BAUER: Damn iit that's not good enough. Look I have to do something, anything.

TONY ALMEIDA: Hey Jack it's Tony. Look I found something on Jamey's computer, it might be a lead. I got a name. Ted Cofell. He's a CEO of an investment firm in Burbank.

JACK BAUER: Okay fine I'm heading over to Cofell's office now. What's the address?

NINA MYERS: 21500 Riverside drive.




(Gaine's cell rings)



IRA GAINES: Mr. Drazen. Where are you?

ANDRE DRAZEN: Flying into Los Angeles. I'd like to know why the David Palmer situation hasn't been taken care of. I don't have to tell you my brother and I are very disappointed.

IRA GAINES: We had some bad luck, that's all.

ANDRE DRAZEN: Bad luck or bad management. We have every reason to void your contract.

IRA GAINES: There's no reason for that.

ANDRE DRAZEN: To have Jack Bauer and David Palmer in the same city on the same day and let them slip through our fingers would be intolerable.

IRA GAINES: Don't worry. Palmer will be dead by the end of the day just as we agreed.


IRA GAINES: We still have Bauer's family as leverage. We'll find Bauer and use him just like we did before.

ANDRE DRAZEN: If plan A doesn't work, you should have a plan B, not a plan A recycled.

IRA GAINES: Like I said we still have his family. If we sit tight, there's a good chance Bauer will find us then we'll make him the scapegoat just as before.

ANDRE DRAZEN: My brother wants me to assess the situation personally. I land in a half an hour. I'll join you by 10:30.

IRA GAINES: Suit yourself.

ANDRE DRAZEN: If I don't see a substantial improvement in the next hour I'm going to ask Mr Cofell to empty the accounts. You will get zero.

IRA GAINES: Mr. Drazen�

ANDRE DRAZEN: Ira, you may be in this for the money, but for my family it's personal.

IRA GAINES: I realize that.

ANDRE DRAZEN: Then realize this, if things continue to go wrong, the money isn't all that you'll lose. Understand?


9:36:49, 9:36:50, 9:36:51

(Sherry calls Carl)

SHERRY PALMER: This is Sherry Palmer.

CARL: Hello Sherry.

SHERRY PALMER: I'm sure your just as surprised as I am that I'm calling.

CARL: I'm just surprised you waited this long. I assume your calling because David is still going to make the announcement about Keith and you can't stop him, so now you want me to stop him?

SHERRY PALMER: You influenced with what ever you had with David so I'm sure that's going to be a problem. But you might be able to stop Maureen Kingsley.

CARL: How?

SHERRY PALMER: I don't know. I'm sure she has a weakness somewhere. Look Carl you don't need to ask me for advice on stuff like this.

CARL: Well as a matter of fact I'm all ready taking care of the evidence against Keith.

SHERRY PALMER: Taking care of it. How?

CARL: That's all you need to know.

SHERRY PALMER: I'm not sure I'm understanding you.

CARL: You don't have to, but Sherry, if we give David a way out of this, make sure he takes it.

(Hangs up)


MILO: Got it.

NINA MYERS: Send it to me.

MILO: There was a wire transfer to Ira Gaines at 2:10 this morning, one million dollars.

NINA MYERS: What does Cofell have to do with this?

MILO: I don't know, maybe it was his money.

TONY ALMEIDA: It makes sense. Cofell's in finance.

(Nina calls Jack)


NINA MYERS: Jack, looks like you might have the right Cofell.

JACK BAUER: Good what do you got on him?

NINA MYERS: Born in Philadelphia. Collgate, MBA from UCLA. works in investment banking.

JACK BAUER: Good patch me through to his office.

(Nina patches Jack to Ted Cofell's office and gets his secretary Tracy)

TRACY: Ted Cofell's office.

JACK BAUER: Hi is Ted there please?

TRACY: I'm sorry Mr Cofell's in a meeting may I take a message?

JACK BAUER: Oh I'm just a friend of his from business school. I was in town today I was hoping that maybe we could get together.

TRACY: Unfortunately as soon as he's out of the meeting he'll be going out of town.

JACK BAUER: That's too bad. How much longer is he going to be in his office?

TRACY: He claims to leave no later than ten. Would you like to leave your name?

(Jack hangs up)

TRACY: Hello? Hello?

9:39:04, 9:39:05, 9:39:06


9:43:29, 9:43:30, 9:43:31


TONY ALMEIDA: Look Nina. Ah, Division gave me a heads up, they're sending in a provisionary replacement for Jack.

NINA MYERS: They didn't waste any time did they? Who is it?

TONY ALMEIDA: Alberta Green. Didn't she work for you when you were at Division?

NINA MYERS: Yes. When's she coming?

TONY ALMEIDA: Scheduled to arrive at 9:45. (Phone rings)


JACK BAUER: Cofell's there but he's leaving for the airport at ten, look I'm stuck on Culver, what's the traffic look like moving east?

NINA MYERS: Hold on I'll check. Jack there's another thing. There bringing in Alberta Green to run things. She's gonna be here in a few minutes.

JACK BAUER: Damn it. Whatever, I'll deal with it. Now tell me how to get through this traffic.

NINA MYERS: You're going to hit gridlock in about two miles.

JACK BAUER: How's Riverside?

NINA MYERS: It's a little better, you might want to get off.

JACK BAUER: Okay look, I'm getting off at the next exit and I'm cutting over.



KIM BAUER: Mom, tell me what happened between you and dad.

TERI BAUER: Kim let's not talk about this.

KIM BAUER: Why not? I mean we both know there might not be a later. I want to know.

TERI BAUER: I think your father is the best man I've ever known but he can be difficult sometimes. His job doesn't help. Remember a couple years ago when he went away for a few weeks?

KIM BAUER: For some training thing.

TERI BAUER: That's what he told us. I'm sure it was a mission, he couldn't say. Anyway when he came back he was different. He was distant and preoccupied. Things between us weren't so great, so we decided to part.

KIM BAUER: But it didn't work.



(She rests on Teri's lap)

9:46:25, 9:46:26, 9:46:27



TONY ALMEIDA: Cofell's taking a private plane and we got a flight schedule. He's going to Denver.

NINA MYERS: What does that tell us?

TONY ALMEIDA: Don't know. I'm checking with Denver now.

(The front security door buzzes and Alberta Green and some agents from Division walk in.)

NINA MYERS: Alberta.

ALBERTA GREEN: Nina. Nice to see you. You know why I'm here?


ALBERTA GREEN: Gather everyone around would you?

NINA MYERS: Can everyone drop what there doing for a minute please. I'd like to introduce you to Alberta Green. Jack Bauer's been relieved of his duties permanently. In the mean time Alberta's been appointed acting director of CTU...

ALBERTA GREEN: Good morning. Things have been out of control here today. Starting now they're back in control. Most of you know that an attempt on Senator Palmer's life was made around 8:00 this morning. You may not know that Jack Bauer was apparently involved with that attempt. The matter of his involvement isn't clear, but he's escaped custody and is considered a fugitive. We therefore have two objectives: Find Jack Bauer, and make a quick assessment on the threat if any against Senator Palmer. I know most of you have been up more than twenty four hours. Too bad. Nobody so much as yawns until we complete our objectives. If anybody has a problem with that now would be a good time to resign... Good, lets get back to work. Specific assignments will be confirmed or reassigned within the hour. (to Nina) Obviously this is awkward but we'll get through this, we're pros. We'll talk later.

9:51:14, 9:51:52, 9:51:53


9:56:08, 9:56:09, 9:56:10


NINA MYERS: You wanted to see me. Alberta I don't know where Jack is, I haven't talked to him since this morning.

ALBERTA GREEN: Since he escaped custody with a hostage. I'm not sure I believe you. If you tell me where he is I'll do what I can to make sure nothing heavy falls on you.

NINA MYERS: I told you I don't know.

ALBERTA GREEN: From what I've heard there are some juicy secrets between you and Jack.

NINA MYERS: Jack doesn't trust anyone including me. Getting involved with Jack was a big mistake.

ALBERTA GREEN: All right. Thanks.

(Nina exits)


(Jack is now in the building)

TRACY: Ted Cofell's office

JACK BAUER: Hey it's Ted's friend again, I'm in the building. I was wondering If I could come up and say a quick hello.

TRACY: I'm sorry sir he's on his way out.

(He hangs up)

JACK BAUER: What floor is Cofell Enterprises on?

BELLHOP: Fourteen.

(Jack climbs in the elevator)


TED COFELL: Tracy, could you call my car please?

TRACY: Sure.

TED COFELL: I'm heading for the airport a little early today.

TRACY: Mr. Cofell a friend of yours from business school is on his way up.

TED COFELL: On his way up now?

TRACY: I tried to stop him.

TED COFELL: Did he say who he was?

TRACY: It's funny he didn't give his name, he's probably trying to sell you something.

TED COFELL: Well don't give him my cell number.

(COFELL gets into the elevator and heads down. Jack stops Tracy)

JACK BAUER: Excuse me, where's Mr. Cofell?

TRACY: I'm sorry he just headed down to the garage.

(Jkac tries the elevator, but he decides to dash down the stairs one floor at a time. He cracks the fire alarm to stop the elevator and buy him some time. He gets to the parking garage before Cofell. He sees the limo driver shining his car.)

JACK BAUER: Excuse me, are you Mr. Cofell's driver?

DRIVER: Yeh that's right.

JACK BAUER: Federal Agent. Where you going today?

DRIVER: To the airport.

JACK BAUER: On what business?

DRIVER: Look I'm just his driver.

JACK BAUER: Come with me.


(Mr. Cofell climbs in his Limo)

TED COFELL: Mark could you turn the air on back here please.

(Jack has taken over driving the limo, but Cofell doesn't know yet.)

9:59:57, 9:59:58, 9:59:59, 10:00:00

Transcript By Daniel Smith