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Episode 11



01X11: 10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.


Transcript by Daniel Smith

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Jack Bauer (voice over): The following takes place between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on the day of the California Presidential primary.


ALBERTA GREEN: Secret Service thinks the photographer may have been in on the assassination attempt. He hasn't been seen since the breakfast. He was using the name Martin Belkin. Follow up and report back to me in thirty minutes. I promised Division a threat assessment on Senator Palmer by noon. Check with Secret Service, I don't want any overlap. (To Nina) Still no sign of Jack?

NINA MYERS: Nothing.

(Alberta gives Nina a look as she walks back up to the office.)



(Cofell's cell rings)


KEVIN CAROL: It's Kevin, something's come up, meet me at the Nordhoff garage.

TED COFELL: That's inconvenient, I'm all ready on my way to the airport.

KEVIN CAROL: This can't wait. Meet me there as soon as possible.

TED COFELL: All right. (Hangs up) Mark I have a change of plans, I'm going to be meeting someone in the parking garage at the corner of Nordhoff and Willingham......Did you hear me?... Who are you? Where's Mark?

(Cofell begins to call the cops. Jack pulls over, locks the door and points his .45 at him.)

JACK BAUER: Give me the phone through the divider. Now!

(Jack climbs in the back seat)

JACK BAUER: Get up against the door and sit on your hands.

TED COFELL: Who are you? What do you want? Money? I don't have much with me but I'm sure I can find some.

(Jack cracks Cofell in the face with the back of his hand.)

JACK BAUER: Shut up! My name is Jack Bauer. Since midnight my wife and daughter have been missing. I have reason to believe they're being held by a colleague of yours. A man named Gaines. Where are they?

TED COFELL: I don't know what your talking about.

JACK BAUER: Where's my wife and daughter?

TED COFELL: For God sakes, I'm just a businessman.

JACK BAUER: That's right, an ordinary businessman riding around in a bullet proof limousine.

TED COFELL: Yes, for protection.

JACK BAUER: From what?

TED COFELL: From people like you.

JACK BAUER: (Holds gun to his Cofell's head) This is your last chance. Where's my family?

TED COFELL: I swear to you I don't know what you're talking about.

JACK BAUER: You're a pretty good liar, but I've seen better.

(He gets out and moves back into the driver's seat and calls Nina)


JACK BAUER: Hey it's me. Can you talk?

NINA MYERS: Let me open a secure line... Okay.

JACK BAUER: Has Teri called back yet.

NINA MYERS: No, not yet.

JACK BAUER: What's Green doing?

NINA MYERS: She's making herself at home in your office.

JACK BAUER: She talk to you yet?

NINA MYERS: Yes. I told her I served all ties with you. From now on I play the side of the angels.

JACK BAUER: She buy any of it?

NINA MYERS: Not a word.

JACK BAUER: I've got Cofell.

NINA MYERS: What do you mean got?

JACK BAUER: I have him in the back of his limo.

NINA MYERS: Has he told you anything?

JACK BAUER: I'm working on it.

NINA MYERS: In other words you've kidnapped him.

JACK BAUER: Nina he's the only link to Teri and Kim that I've got.

NINA MYERS: Jack you don't even know if you have the right Ted Cofell or not. Every time I talk to you, you seem to go further out on a limb.

JACK BAUER: From the second they were taken tell me one thing I could have done differently.

NINA MYERS: I don't know. I guess you're right but Jack, I don't know how much longer I can cover for you.

JACK BAUER: Nina please. Just focus. I need you right now. I don't think Cofell will be easy to break. I need your help.

NINA MYERS: You want me to put together a interrogation profile in what, 15 minutes?

JACK BAUER: I'll give you about five... Nina, if I can't break Cofell I won't find my family do you understand?

NINA MYERS: I'll do what I can.

JACK BAUER: Thank you. I'll look for a place to lay low for a while. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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TERI BAUER: Your father will find us Kim. If he doesn't, the people that work for him will.

KIM BAUER: How, they don't even know where we are. We don't know where we are.

TERI BAUER: They were tracing the call Kim.

KIM BAUER: Did they find our location before the battery went dead?

TERI BAUER: We have to hope that they did.

(Rick walks in)

RICK: Sorry about the phone.

TERI BAUER: Thank you for helping us. We were hoping�

RICK: I don't want to know anything. Trust me it's better if I don't know anything.

KIM BAUER: What do you mean?

RICK: Ah, Eli sent me in here to get information but I can't tell him what I don't know so whatever's going on, don't tell me about it. (He starts to walk out)

KIM BAUER: What's he going to do to you?.....RICK.

(Rick walks outside to Eli as Kim looks through the window)

ELI: What they say?

RICK: Nothing man.

ELI: Dude don't hold out on my man

RICK: I told you they don't trust me.

ELI: I saw the way that kid looked at you, they must have said something. Who was that guy I talked to? It was her father?

RICK: They wouldn't say.

ELI: You�re lying. (Eli punches Rick in the stomach and throws him against a window, breaking it. Eli kicks Rick a few times and walks away.)



ALBERTA GREEN: I was reviewing the passenger list. There was a anomaly in first class.

NINA MYERS: The manifest had been altered to look like there was a empty seat. But we don't think there was.

ALBERTA GREEN: Who was actually in the seat?

NINA MYERS: The photographer, Martin Belkin.

ALBERTA GREEN: So the real photographer was killed in the explosion and the assassin took his place at the breakfast.

NINA MYERS: He was enough of a look alike to fool security. According to Secret Service he had a legitimate ID, not a forgery.

ALBERTA GREEN: How did he get it?

NINA MYERS: That we're still working on. (Phone rings) Myers.

JACK BAUER: Hey it's me.

NINA MYERS: Hey. Bill Can you hang on a second? (To Tony) It's Bill Warner over at the Bureau shall I call him back?

ALBERTA GREEN: No, I need to speak with Bill let me have the phone.

TONY ALMEIDA: Alberta, can you take a look at this.

(Alberta walks over with Tony)

NINA MYERS: Hey I'm here.

JACK BAUER: Bad timing?

NINA MYERS: No problem, I just could have used a couple more minutes.

JACK BAUER: I wish I had them, give me what you got.

NINA MYERS: He's the oldest of three children. His father died when he was a boy, that means he learned responsibility fast. In college at 16, intelligent, first in his class. Vice president of a company three years later so he's ambitious, driven maybe too much. He has a heart condition.

JACK BAUER: I know, I have his pills.

NINA MYERS: He's very organized. No charities. Control freak.

JACK BAUER: So basically make him sweat it out a little while, assume control and then behave erratically. I've got it. Out.

(Jack climbs into the back seat)

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JACK BAUER: Get up there now! This doesn't have to take long. It's up to you. Do you know a man named Penticoff?


JACK BAUER: How about Alan York?


JACK BAUER: David Palmer?

TED COFEL: Of course, he's running for president.

JACK BAUER: The attempt on his life failed, the perpetrators will be in custody soon. You've been implicated. If you cooperate with me know I might be able to help you.

TED COFELL: I can only repeat that I have no idea what you're talking about.

JACK BAUER: Your hands are sweating.

TED COFELL: Of course they are, I'm scared.

JACK BAUER: Who are you meeting on your way to the airport?

TED COFELL: A man named Kevin Carol.

JACK BAUER: Who is he?

TED COFELL: A business man like myself. He sells machine tools. Look I told you what I know.

(Jack calls Nina)

JACK BAUER: It's me. Run a background check on Kevin Carol, a machine tool salesman, probably an alias. (Hangs up) I want to show you something. (He wets a towel and twist's it) You ever heard of the Russian gulag? A string of prisons in Northern Siberia. Russians didn't have a lot of high tech equipment so they had to do with what they had. You don't think I could force this towel down your throat but I could.

TED COFELL: What kind of man are you?

JACK BAUER: I don't want to hurt you, but I will do everything I can to protect my family.

TED COFELL: I want to show you something. My wallet... Open it.(Jack sees a picture of Ted's family) I know you want to see your family, and I want to see mine. Mr. Bauer believe me if I knew anything that would help you I'd tell you.

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(The front gate is opened by a couple of Gaine's men letting a limo in. Ira Gaines walks up to the limo as Andre Drazen wearing a suit gets out)

IRA GAINES: Mr. Drazen.

ANDRE DRAZEN: Found Bauer?

IRA GAINES: No but we're doing everything we can. Scanning police frequencies, checking hospitals, and I'm still expecting to hear from my contact within the CTU.

(Andre is not happy)

ANDRE DRAZEN: And if Bauer comes here as you suggested earlier?

IRA GAINES: Then we'll be ready for him.

ANDRE DRAZEN: For an American operation we thought we needed an American crew. Perhaps we undervalued our own capabilities... I'm pulling the plug on you.

IRA GAINES: You can't tell me that�

ANDRE DRAZEN: You were supposed to frame Bauer for the assassination attempt on Senator Palmer but Palmer's still alive. You don't even know where Bauer is.


ANDRE DRAZEN: You failed.

IRA GAINES: For over a year now you've been saying how important this is and now your just going to quit?

ANDRE DRAZEN: Quit? Of course not... We have a contingency plan. Bauer and Palmer will both be dead by the end of the day.

IRA GAINES: You never said anything to me about a contingency plan.

ANDRE DRAZEN: It doesn't involve you.

IRA GAINES: Look just give me a little more time to find Bauer.


IRA GAINES: Till noon, that's not even two hours.

ANDRE DRAZEN: I'll give you 30 minutes. If you don't find Bauer by then, I take over. Your last task will be to kill his wife and daughter, and pull your people out.

(Gaines walks away as Andre calls someone speaking Serbian.)


TEACHER: I like your education program, but with due respect I do have one or two suggestions.

SENATOR PALMER: Well that's why I'm here.

(Mike Novic gets David's attention)

TEACHER: I'm not one to say that teachers shouldn't be accountable for their performance, but�

SENATOR PALMER: Would you please excuse me one minute?


CARL: Hello David. Since you fired me from your staff I assume this is a social call?

SENATOR PALMER: I need to talk to you in person.

CARL: It's a pretty busy day for me David.

SENATOR PALMER: I know a few things about you Carl. Things you don't want spread around.

CARL: Are you threatening me? Is that what it's come to after all these years?

SENATOR PALMER: It's come to whatever it takes to get you over here.

CARL: Where are you?

SENATOR PALMER: Grant Elementary in the valley.

CARL: I'll be there by eleven.



NINA MYERS: Nina Myers.

JACK BAUER: Hey it's me. You got anything on Kevin Carol yet?

NINA MYERS: Yeah I show six Kevin Carols. One does in fact work for a machine tool company.

JACK BAUER: It's a cover, it's gotta be.

NINA MYERS: There's another possibility. Maybe you got the wrong Ted Cofell.

JACK BAUER: No he was implicated in Jamey's file along with Gaines.

NINA MYERS: That file was partially erased. We can't rely on it's information. I think you're making a mistake.

JACK BAUER: Nina there's something about this guy, this is not a mistake. I'll get back to you. (HANGS UP)

(Jack climbs in the limo and looks at Ted for a moment then)

JACK BAUER: We're going to see your friend Kevin Carol.



(Jack is driving to the parking garage as Ted opens a compartment in the back seat without Jack knowing about it. Ted grabs the item from the compartment. It's a micro tech halo knife)


(Mike Novic walks up to Senator Palmer)

MIKE NOVIC: David I don't know how important this is but you asked me to check up on the name Jack Bauer, the guy at the breakfast?

SENATOR PALMER: Yes what did you find?

MIKE NOVIC: Typical agency file. A lot of gaps. Classified.

SENATOR PALMER: Was one of those gaps in the summer about two years ago?

MIKE NOVIC: How did you know?

SENATOR PALMER: We'll get into that later. Right now we've got other things to take care of.


(The limo arrives at the parking garage.)

JACK BAUER: Move up to the other seat... Now!

(Ted opens the halo knife as Jack climbs in. Ted attacks Jack, but Jack blocks him and breaks Ted's wrist.)

JACK BAUER: An average business man with a micro tech halo in his car?

(Ted starts to speak Serbian)

JACK BAUER: What did you just say? Say it again? Say it again! Or I'll break your other wrist.

TED COFELL: This is not Cofell.

JACK BAUER: You speak Serbian? What are you, you from Belgrade? You got family there?

TED COFELL: You deserve everything that's happening to you Bauer!

JACK BAUER: What do you mean, happening to me.

TED COFELL: There's only one thing you need to know Bauer. You will pay. You will pay.

JACK BAUER: Who are you? Who are you? (Jack punches him in the chest. Ted is having a heart attack.)

JACK BAUER: What's wrong? Is it your heart? I've got your pills just tell me where my family is? Where is my family? I'll give you the medicine! Tell me where my family is!

(Ted talks more Serbian as he dies)

JACK BAUER: No, No No... Damn it! No please, where are my wife and daughter? Please!(Jack starts to get emotional. He breaks down, crying)

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10:41:31, 10:41:32, 10:41:33


(Oon phone)

NINA MYERS: Hey listen to me. It's not your fault there's no way you could have seen that coming.

JACK BAUER: How am I going to find Teri and Kim?

NINA MYERS: The man he's meeting, Kevin Carol, maybe he knows something.

JACK BAUER: If he shows up, he's already late. Nina there's something very wrong about this whole situation. This is not just about David Palmer, this is personal, they're coming after me.

NINA MYERS: What's the connection between you and Palmer?

JACK BAUER: I don't know... Look this is what I want you to do, I want you to dig deeper into Cofell's background. Check out his extended family. I also want you to access my field assignment files.

NINA MYERS: They're classified.

JACK BAUER: I know, find your way in. I want you to check out a assignment I had two years ago in Belgrade. Then Kosovo. It was called operation Nightfall. I want you to cross check everything you find from that with Cofell's file. Do you understand?


JACK BAUER: Okay do it now. (Hangs up) Think Jack. Pull yourself together.

(He grabs Cofell and fixes his tie and suit and sits him upright making it look like he is just waiting in the back seat for Kevin)



TONY ALMEIDA: Nina, Alberta thinks were helping Jack right?

NINA MYERS: She can't prove it.

TONY ALMEIDA: Why don't we just come clean and tell her what's going on.

NINA MYERS: Jack says no.

TONY ALMEIDA: Maybe you should stop thinking about Jack and start thinking about yourself.

NINA MYERS: It's Jacks family so it's Jacks call. After what happened with Jamey we don't know who we can trust.

TONY ALMEIDA: Green maybe a hard ass but she's not dirty.

NINA MYERS: I agree but she does things by the book. We tell her what's going on and she'll call Division and then we'll have 30 people in the loop.


10:44:17, 10:44:18, 10:44:19


(Rick enters the holding cell and gives Teri a loaded gun)

RICK: Take it... It's Dan's, he left it in the van. It's loaded. That's all I can do. I'm sorry about getting you into this. (Rick heads for the door)

KIM BAUER: What are we supposed to do, shoot our way out?

TERI BAUER: They're gonna kill us. This time they mean it.

KIM BAUER: No, no, no, no...

TERI BAUER: Hey Kimberly. Listen to me. We're alive. As long as were alive I'm not giving up and neither are you, right?




(Kevin's car stops behind the limo as he gets out and walks toward the back door.)


JACK BAUER: Hello Alan. Or is it Kevin? Where's my wife?

(Alan fires at Jack but the bullets just hit the bullet proof glass. We hear some loud and heavy music as Jack puts the car in reverse and drives around in circles. He then gathers speed and heads as fast as he can down a long drag and slams on the brakes as Kecin smacks his head on the window and passes out.)

10:48:07, 10:48:08, 10:48:09


10:51:42, 10:51:43, 10:51:44


JACK BAUER: Wake up! (Climbs in the back seat as he ties Kevin's hand with duct tape)

JACK BAUER: Where's my wife?

KEVIN CAROL: She's safe.

JACK BAUER: And my daughter?



(Kevin starts laughing as Jack hits him in the chest as Kevin coughs)

JACK BAUER: Don't make this any harder than it has to be.

KEVIN CAROL: I was just about to say the same thing to you.

JACK BAUER: But I'm the man with the gun.

KEVIN CAROL: If you kill me how are you gonna find your family?

JACK BAUER: Who said anything about killing you?

KEVIN CAROL: I'm pretty good at withstanding pain, but if you don't get there soon it may be too late. Since are you are no longer any use to us Jack, there's no reason to keep your family alive. So we need to come to an agreement.

JACK BAUER: I'm listening.

KEVIN CAROL: You let me go, I'll tell you where they are.

JACK BAUER: As soon as I know they are safe I'll let you go, you've got my word on it.

KEVIN CAROL: Your word�

(Jack grabs Kevin's face)

JACK BAUER: We are talking about my family do you understand me? All I want is to get them back so as soon as I know they are safe I will let you go, that's the agreement.

KEVIN CAROL: If I say no?

JACK BAUER: We'll see how good you really are at withstanding pain.

KEVIN CAROL: Drive the car!



(Andre Drazen looks at his watch)

ANDRE DRAZEN: Your half hour is up. Kill Bauer's wife and daughter. Our contingency doesn't involve them.


ELI: Yeah.

IRA GAINES: Tell the drivers to make there final preparations, then kill the women.


(Senator Palmer tries to reach Dr Faragamo's office but has no luck)


(Eli enters the cell)

ELI: So I guess your time's up. Don't worry I'll make it fast.

(Eli walks up to Teri as she fires but the gun doesn't go off. Eli knocks down Teri and tries to stab Kim but Teri takes the safety off the gun and shots two bullets into Eli, killing him)


JACK BAUER: Where are we going?

KEVIN CAROL: I'm taking you to your family.

10:59:57, 10:59:58, 10:59:59, 11:00:00

Transcript by Daniel Smith