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Episode 5



01X05: 4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.


Transcript by Daniel Smith

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Jack Bauer: (Voice over)The following takes place between 4:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. on the day of the California presidential primary.

(Doctors in the hospital are preparing for Janet York's arrival. The operating doors open as some Doctors roll Janet in.)

DOCTOR: Doctor, she's prepped.

(They get her onto the operating table.)


(The cop that has the suspect turns the corner as Jack runs right through a red light and continues to follow.)

4:02:57, 4:02:58, 4:02:59


(TERI and ALAN run right to the nurse's station in the medical center.)

TERI BAUER: Excuse me, there was a teenage girl brought in about a half hour ago. A traffic accident.

NURSE: I'll be right with you.

ALAN YORK: We just called. There was a traffic accident.

TERI BAUER: Teenage girl, traffic accident.

NURSE: A name?

TERI BAUER: Kimberly Bauer or Janet York.

(The nurse checks the computer.)

NURSE: No name listed. Just a Jane Doe.

(Teri and ALAN run through the doors to the operating area.)

NURSE: Hey you can't go in there.

(They can see which girl it is now.)

ALAN YORK: Oh my God... Janet... I'm sure they will find Kim.

(Teri's cell rings)


JACK BAUER: Honey it's me.

TERI BAUER: Jack where you been I've been trying to reach you.

JACK BAUER: Have you found Kim yet?

TERI BAUER: (Very sad) No. We're at Saint Marks medical center.

JACK BAUER: Medical center?

TERI BAUER: Janet was in a car accident.

JACK BAUER: What about Kim?

TERI BAUER: I don't know, she tried to call me and it sounded like she was in a panic then we tried to get her but we were stopped by this cop.

JACK BAUER: Teri calm down.

TERI BAUER: Jack I'm losing my mind, can't you get over here?

JACK BAUER: I'm going to be there as soon as I can but you have to tell me, where was Kim when she called the second time?

TERI BAUER: North Hollywood, then it sounded like she was being chased, then we got there and she was gone.

JACK BAUER: Listen to me Teri, what I'm trying to do right now is to find Kim.

TERI BAUER: What do you mean you're trying to find Kim? I'm trying to find Kim, I've been out all night trying to find Kim.

JACK BAUER: I'll explain it to you later but you're going to have to trust me... Teri... Honey I love you. I promise you were going to get through this okay?

TERI BAUER: I love ya too Jack.

JACK BAUER: I'll get back to you as soon as I know anything.



(Rick and Dan put Kim into Ira Gaines' car.)

IRA GAINES: (On his cell) Yeah she's here. They say the other one's dead but I'll get back to you.(Hangs up) Okay were done here there's been a change of plans, drive to the compound, you'll get your money there.

DAN: No problem.

IRA GAINES: And go by a different route, I don't want us to look like a caravan.

DAN: Right okay.

(GAINES gets in his car as Dan and Rick climb back into the van)

RICK: Let's spilt.

DAN: You crazy? We got twenty large coming.

RICK: I don't like this, that guys physco.

DAN: Yeah, you're forgetting something. Last month Phoenix. You owe me. Let's just get the money and go.



4:06:59, 4:07:01, 4:07:02

(The Senator is reviewing his speech for the breakfast)

SENATOR PALMER: This is fine Patty. Still got a couple of hours left to grab some sleep.

PATTY BROOKS: Only if you do.

NICOLE PALMER: I made mochas.

SENATOR PALMER: Hey, I thought you were sleeping.

NICOLE PALMER: I'm up. I can't sleep. The polls open in less then three hours Mr President-to-be.

SENATOR PALMER: Heavy on the caffeine for me.


SHERRY PALMER: No thank you sweetie.

SENATOR PALMER: (To Patty) You look tired. Go to bed, that's an order.

PATTY BROOKS: Promise to wake me if you need anything?


(Patty is off to bed)

SHERRY PALMER: David, you're not going to say anything to Nicole about Keith are you?

SENATOR PALMER: I don't want her to hear something suddenly on the news. She would be devastated.

SHERRY PALMER: David she's so happy right now.

(Nicole Palmer enters the room again.)

NICOLE PALMER: Dad, they're ready.


(David walks into the kitchen)

NICOLE PALMER: Dad I figured it all out. Even if we lose Orange county we're still going to win.

SENATOR PALMER: Assuming we win Ventura by a ten percent margin.

NICOLE PALMER: No it's all right, they're in last night's poll.

SENATOR PALMER: You make it seem as if there were nothing to worry about.

NICOLE PALMER: That's because there is nothing to worry about.



NINA MYERS: CTU, this is Myers.

JACK BAUER: Mason still watching over your shoulder?

NINA MYERS: No he ended the lockdown as soon as he knew where you were. Watch out Jack, he'll come after you.

JACK BAUER: I'm at the precinct, they got a ring around a suspect. I need some help getting to him. Get a hold of Ryan Sealy over at District. Tell him it's about Palmer and I need a override.

NINA MYERS: All right.

(Nina's computer shows access denied. She walks over to Tony)

NINA MYERS: Tony I'm still off the net. I need a contact number for Ryan Sealy at District.

TONY ALMEIDA: You still pissed about the lockdown?

NINA MYERS: Jack's never going to trust you again.

TONY ALMEIDA: You don't trust me but you trust Jack? Come on Nina, he's been lying to us, hiding things from us. That maybe be okay for you but it's not okay for me.

NINA MYERS: Do you have the number?

(Tony gives Nina the number and she walks back to her desk)



OFFICER: I'm sorry Mr Bauer, but this guy killed a cop.

JACK BAUER: And I told you you're going to get a call from Ryan Sealy. Until then you can have my badge my gun but I need to see that man now.

OFFICER: What can I tell my lieutenant?

JACK BAUER: Fine where's your lieutenant?

OFFICER: He checked out. Midnight. But if he were here he'd tell you the same thing.

JACK BAUER: Officer. The cop that was killed tonight, did you know her?

OFFICER: Yeah I knew her.

JACK BAUER: I'm investigating a federal case, she was helping me. Do you want her death to be in vain? Please forget about the chain of command. I need to see this prisoner now.

(The officer and Jack walk to the prisoner's cell. Right as the cop swipes his card George Mason shows up)

GEORGE MASON: Hold it officer. This man is under my authority.

4:12:25, 4:12:26, 4:12:27


4:16:26 A.M.


RICK: We should of not let him take her. There's two of us and one of him. We got a gun.

DAN: You don't want to pull a piece on Mr Gaines dude. If you had the hots for her then you should of done something.

RICK: I just don't want her to get hurt.

DAN: Dude she saw his face. She's not walking.

RICK: You mean he's going to kill her?

DAN: Maybe he already has. Dude, Rick, it's ten grand a piece, we just want to get paid and get going. Forget about Kim man. She's history.



GEORGE MASON: Listen Jack, either you tell me what you were doing at Dunlop plaza with Richard Walsh or I'm treating you as a prime suspect.

JACK BAUER: Why would I kill the only ally in the agency that I've got?

GEORGE MASON: You tell me. Why did you pull the whistle on your own agents last year? Why'd you try to blackmail me?

JACK BAUER: Because you were withholding information.

GEORGE MASON: I was following orders.

JACK BAUER: On the other side of this wall there is a suspect connected with the people who want Palmer dead.

GEORGE MASON: How do you know that?

JACK BAUER: Walsh and Baylor were killed. Walsh had vital information that lead me to this guy. Why don't we cut the crap here. How do you want to play this?

(Mason still doesn't know what to think)

GEORGE MASON: I'll talk to him myself...............Look Jack, you're lucky I don't have you in cuffs right now. Sit down relax.


(Ira Gaines has Kim in his car. her hands are tied and her mouth duct taped shut.)

IRA GAINES (on his cell): Gaines... No I'm going to be calling him in about 15 minutes, he should be done by then.

(A truck stops next to Gaines' car at a red light. Kim tries to signal for help as Gaines hangs up his phone and says.)

IRA GAINES: Stop. Please.

(He drives and pulls over.)

IRA GAINES: I don't have time for this.

(Gaines puts Kim in the trunk of his car and drives off)


4:19:41, 4:19:42, 4:19:43


(The Senator calls Maureen Kingsley)


SENATOR PALMER: Maureen It's David Palmer.


SENATOR PALMER: I'm sorry to wake you.

MAUREEN: That's all right. What's up?

SENATOR PALMER: The matter you called about earlier. We need to talk about it.

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: All right, let's talk.

SENATOR PALMER: Since we're just a few floors apart I was thinking maybe we could get together.

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: How about I meet you in the lobby?

SENATOR PALMER: No, the lobby is to public. There's a conference room on the 3rd floor, I'll have it opened.

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: I just need about ten minutes to get dressed. How does that sound?

SENATOR PALMER: That will be fine.



COP: And those are the only places you know where you daughters were?


COP: What about this boy, Dan?

TERI BAUER: We don't know anything about Dan. (Cell rings) Excuse me... Hello.

JACK BAUER: Hey it's me. Is Janet out of surgery yet?


JACK BAUER: Anything new?

TERI BAUER: No. How about you?

JACK BAUER: I'm at the police station. I think there's someone here who knows where the girls were tonight.

TERI BAUER: You mean one of the officers?

JACK BAUER: No, someone they picked up in North Hollywood. I think he saw Kim.


JACK BAUER: I don't know, a man.

TERI BAUER: Well what did he say?

JACK BAUER: I need to talk to him, You got to talk to Janet as soon as she gets out of surgery okay?


JACK BAUER: I'll get back to you as soon as I can, I got to go bye. (Hangs up as Mason enters) So what did he say?

GEORGE MASON: He said he won't talk to anybody except you.

JACK BAUER: So can I go in?

GEORGE MASON: Yeah, lets go.

(George leads Jack to the holding room. Mason and the other officers are behind a one way mirror as Jack enters the room. We have discovered that the suspects name is Penticof.)

JACK BAUER: My colleague said you only wanted to speak to me. Well right now you're speaking to everyone.

PENTICOF: Thought we were going to talk alone.

JACK BAUER: You killed a cop. What you need to do right now is start telling me the truth

(Jack is whispering so Mason can't hear them.)

GEORGE MASON: What the hell is he saying?

(Penticof attacks Jack)

PENTICOF: Get this guy out of my face!

(Jack sticks a piece of paper in his mouth before the cops pull Jack off him.)

PENTICOF: I want my phone call!

GEORGE MASON: Great Jack. What are you going to do now, beat it out of him? Take a walk.

4:23:14, 4:23:15, 4:23:15

(Jack walks down the hallway as Penticof takes the paper out of his mouth, it has Jack's cell number on it as He calls Jack)


PENTICOF: This line safe?

JACK BAUER: Tell me about my daughter.

PENTICOF: Not until you get me out.

JACK BAUER: How do you know where she is?

PENTICOF: I heard some guys talking, Guys I work with.

JACK BAUER: What guys?

PENTICOF: All you need to know is that they have your daughter and they're going to call me in twenty minutes.


PENTICOF: Same place you picked me up. If I don't answer they will know something is wrong so get me out of here.

JACK BAUER: I don't know if I can.

PENTICOF: I'm the one chance you have at finding your daughter. If I'm not there that chance is over. Better think of something fast. (Hangs up)

(Jack calls Nina at CTU.)

NINA MYERS: CTU, this is Myers.

JACK BAUER: It's Jack. Suspect's name is Penticof, he's expecting a call in the next twenty minutes at 18166 San Fernando road. I need you to set up a trace.

NINA MYERS: Okay, there's a pay phone down the block and it's in service. What about a warrant?

JACK BAUER: Forget about the warrant.

NINA MYERS: Bigger problem if they're expecting Penticof, they will hang up the second they hear your voice.

JACK BAUER: They're not going to hear my voice.

NINA MYERS: What are you going to do, plan a prison break. Jack................

JACK BAUER: Set up the trace.

4:25:30, 4:25:31, 4:25:32


4:29:32, 4:29:33, 4:29:34

JACK BAUER: Hey, are you the officer who interviewed Penticof?

COP: I just transferred him.

JACK BAUER: I still need to see him.

COP: Bauer right? CTU?

JACK BAUER: Yeh that's right.

COP: Look that cop that was killed. She was my partner you understand?

JACK BAUER: I'm sorry.

COP: I heard you went off on him before. I want him to go down for it which means a clean bust. Now, you go in with me or you don't go in at all. I got the access card.

JACK BAUER: I'm fine with that.

(Jack and the officer enter Penticof's holding cell.)

PENTICOF: Keep him away from me.

COP: He just wants to ask you a few more questions.

PENTICOF: No more questions without my lawyer.

JACK BAUER: Who are you working for?

PENTICOF: Are you deaf? I said no questions without my lawyer.

JACK BAUER: Your lawyer can kiss my ass.

(Jack lunges at Penticof as the cop interferes)

COP: Hey!

JACK BAUER: Get your hands off me.

COP: I told you man he killed my partner.

JACK BAUER: I know I was there. Where were you?

COP: What?

JACK BAUER: Where were you when your partner really needed you?

(The cop and Jack struggle and without knowing Jack takes the cop's access card and in secret hands it to Penticof.) (Jack is pulled away again by some officers)

OFFICER: You better start getting your act together Bauer.

(Penticof waits until the coast is clear and uses the card Jack gave him as he walks out of the holding cell.)

4:32:33, 4:32:34, 4:32:35

(Secret service checks Maureen Kingsley for weapons. She and the Senator enter a conference room)

SENATOR PALMER: How long have we known each other Maureen?

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: Come on Senator, that's not fair.

SENATOR PALMER: You, me, my family. We made a journey together. From local politics to where we are now. We helped each other along because we both cared about the same thing.


SENATOR PALMER: Have I ever lied to you?


SENATOR PALMER: Embarrassed you?


SENATOR PALMER: Then why are you doing this?

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: Senator I wish to God that I didn't get this information, but we're talking about murder.

SENATOR PALMER: A rumor started by my enemies, as you well know I have many.

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: That's what I thought to at first but...

SENATOR PALMER: Please. Go on.

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: You know I can't tell you my sources.

SENATOR PALMER: Come on Maureen. We're not in court here. I'm just an old friend with a career and a family you just might destroy.......You owe me that much at least.

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: Okay. Two sources. One, a man named George Faragamo. He was your son's therapist for four years. He came to me with the story.

SENATOR PALMER: The second source?

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: The boy who raped your daughter and threw himself off the balcony. The autopsy showed that he had cuts and bruises from a violent struggle.

SENATOR PALMER: Nicole was trying to fight him off.

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: Yes that would be a good explanation. But an hour later an African American boy with the same cuts and bruises walked into an emergency room

SENATOR PALMER: Name here says Edward Johnson.

MAUREEN KINGSLEY: The hand writing where he filled out the form, I had it analyzed by an expert, it's your son's.

SENATOR PALMER: I don't give a damn about your expert, my son never killed anybody!


SENATOR PALMER: You do what you have to do Maureen. Just be prepared to suffer the consequences.

4:36:55, 4:36:56, 4:36:57


4:40:52, 4:40:53, 4:40:54

(Keith Palmer is sleeping as Senator Palmer walks into his room and wakes him up)

KEITH PALMER: Dad......Something wrong?

SENATOR PALMER: Guess you'll have to tell me... The night your sister was raped, you have any contact with the boy who raped her?


SENATOR PALMER: You heard me.

KEITH PALMER: I don't believe this I man. What brought this up all of a sudden? I mean, let's leave that in the past where it belongs.

SENATOR PALMER: I'd like to believe you. But as it happens I can't. What did you do that night?

KEITH PALMER: I don't think you have the right to ask me that.

SENATOR PALMER: You don't think I have the right?

KEITH PALMER: No I don't. Look this thing happened. Someone had to deal with it. You were in Chicago giving some speech or in New York getting some civic award.

SENATOR PALMER: We'll deal with my shortcoming as a father some other time! What I want to know is what you did when you found out that your sister had been raped!

KEITH PALMER: I already told you. I'm not going to answer that.

SENATOR PALMER: You will answer me.

(Senator walks out of Keith's room)


4:43:36, 4:43:37, 4:43:38

GEORGE MASON: I'm sorry about Bauer. I'd really appreciate it if we could handle this internally.

OFFICER: I got no problem with that.

(The cop with the missing card enters)

COP: Sergeant, I'd like to start processing Penticof in the system.

OFFICER: What are you still doing here?

COP: I'm not leaving 'till Penticof's behind bars.

OFFICER: The computer has you checked out.

(He looks at his belt, no card.)

COP: Damn it!

GEORGE MASON: (into radio) All right Bauer's gone with Penticof, we need to locate him now.

(Teri Bauer is telling Alan York about Kim and her bad grades at school and Jack and Teri's separation. She has really opened up to ALAN because Jack is not there.)

(A CTU agent sets up a uplink to find Bauer)

GEORGE MASON: Alright Davis, the links up. Now get me a backtrace. Look for two men exiting the building. Log it back ten minutes and give me stills of 30 second intervals.

(The spot Jack and Penticof leaving on the computer screen.)

GEORGE MASON: You want to get a mark on Jack's car... Where are you going Jack?


(We see a aerial shot of Jack's car heading down the street at 4:47 in the morning. They park on San Fernando road and get out and head towards the pay phone where Penticof is waiting on a call)

JACK BAUER: Who are these guys?

PENTICOF: I told you I don't know. They tell me what to do and they pay me, that's it.

(The phone rings but it's not the pay phone, it's a cell phone behind the pay phone.)


IRA GAINES: It's Gaines. There's been a change of plans but nothing you can't handle. Taped to the back of the phone is a set of keys with a remote.


IRA GAINES: It's for a parked car on avenue twenty six. Find it with the remote. There's a body in the trunk, get rid of it. (Hangs up)

JACK BAUER: Who's body in the trunk?

PENTICOF: I don't know.

JACK BAUER: Whose body in the trunk?!

(They make a run for the parked car.)

4:48:18, 4:48:19, 4:48:20


4:53:55, 4:53:56, 4:53:57

(Jack and Penticof arrive and are standing in the middle of the street.) (Jack has his gun on Penticof.)

JACK BAUER: Get in front of me......Keep moving.

(They find the car and run to it. Jack opens the trunk and finds a body badly mutilated and cut body parts)

JACK BAUER: Oh my God.

(The police and CTU and Mason all show up)

GEORGE MASON: Hey Jack. Put Penticof in the car.

JACK BAUER: That's pretty quick work George, You track me on a uplink?

GEORGE MASON: I'm taking you in Jack.

JACK BAUER: He had evidence on the Palmer hit. (Opens trunk to show Mason.)

GEORGE MASON: Who's this?

JACK BAUER: I don't know yet.

GEORGE MASON: You're having quite a night here aren't you Jack. Why don't you tell me what the hell is going on. Unless you want me to throw you back to the cops. They're ready for you.

JACK BAUER: There are people in the agency supporting the Palmer hit. That's why Walsh and Baylor were killed tonight, they found out about it. Truth is I thought you were apart of it. I'm sorry if I was wrong.

GEORGE MASON: So what's next?

JACK BAUER: I got to take the body down to CTU, try to make an ID.

GEORGE MASON: All right. We never had this talk. I'll be at Division.

(Mason leaves and Jack drives away. Jack calls Nina)

NINA MYERS: What have we got?

JACK BAUER: Body, male. badly mutilated. I need a positive ID as soon as possible. Who's our best forensic over there?

NINA MYERS: Harry Tanaka.

JACK BAUER: Bring him in. (Hangs up)

4:57:04, 4:57:05, 4:57:06


(Dan and Rick await for Gaines to arrive with their money. Gaines shows up and walks straight up to Dan.)

DAN: We'd like our money now. If like, that's all right.

IRA GAINES: Well just, like, we're like, clear, what happened to the other girl? DAN: Janet? I told you we killed her.

IRA GAINES: My people tell me that a girl that fits her description was taken to a medical center near to where you were. How do you explain that?

DAN: Well maybe she wasn't quite that dead.

IRA GAINES: Well Dan I'll tell you, either you're dead or your not dead, there's no such thing as sorta dead, here let me show you.



IRA GAINES: Congratulations, you've just been promoted.



(The heart failure signal sounds.)

DOCTOR: We're losing her.

TERI BAUER: What's going on?!

4:59:57, 4:59:58, 4:59:59, 5:00:00

Transcript by Daniel Smith