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Episode 9



01X09: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.


Transcript by Daniel Smith

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Jack Bauer (voice over): Right now terrorist are planing to assassinate a presidential candidate, my teenage daughter is missing, and people I work with may be involved in both. I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer and today is the longest day of my life.

JACK BAUER (voice over): The following takes place between 8:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. on the day of the California presidential primary.

(Secret service agents put the Senator in a elevator heading down to the limo)

AGENT PEIRCE: Senator I want you to stay with the team until I secure the area.




(Teri and Kim are brought back to the cell)



AGENT PEIRCE: Senator we're clear, let's go.



(Jack is brought to Agent Frank Simes)

AGENT SIMES: This is Bauer?

AGENT HAYS: Yes sir.

JACK BAUER: You got to help me out here. I know you have to follow procedure but please hear me out. I did this intentionally.

AGENT SIMES: That I believe.

JACK BAUER: I didn't mean it like that.

AGENT SIMES: You called me at six thirty this morning asking for clearance to bring a weapon into the breakfast.

JACK BAUER: If I wanted to shoot someone I would have used my own gun. I didn't need his.

AGENT SIMES: What happened?

AGENT HAYS: I walked over, identified myself. I told him I had to take him in then he went for my gun.

JACK BAUER: I wasn't going for his gun, I had to create a scene to get Palmer out of the room.

AGENT SIMES: If you wanted him out of the room why didn't you just tell us there was a problem?

JACK BAUER: I can't tell you, I'm working under a restricted man today.

AGENT SIMES: CUT THE CRAP BAUER. Your own people called you in as a suspect.


AGENT SIMES: Tony Almeida called one of my men and told him you presented a threat.

JACK BAUER: Tony doesn't have the same information that I've got. Look you guys are running out of time, there's a shooter disguised as a photographer in here. He escaped, he's still at large Palmer's life is still in danger... Frank don't go, I got to get out of here.



(Jamey is cuffed to a chair)

TONY ALMEIDA: You sold classified information. People are dead because of you. The only chance you have at helping yourself is by talking to us now... Jamey the guy you work for, what's his name?

JAMEY FARREL: They call him Gaines. I don't know if that's his real name.

TONY ALMEIDA: Do you have any idea where he might be holding Teri and Kim?

NINA MYERS: Jamey, stay with us here.

JAMEY FARREL: I needed the money. That's all. I didn't think anyone would die.

NINA MYERS: Yeh well they did. Is Gaines the one watching us through our surveillance?


NINA MYERS: And you set that up?


NINA MYERS: All right I can't do anything here I have to get back on the floor.

TONY ALMEIDA: Yeh well we can't cut his video feed off because this Gaines guy will get suspicious.

JAMEY FARREL: I know what to say to him.



IRA GAINES (on cell): Did Jonathan get a shot off? He hasn't checked in yet you idiot. Find him and tell him to get over here, I need him.(He hangs up. His computers shut down) What the hell is going on? (His cell rings again: it's Jamey) Gaines.


IRA GAINES: Why are you using a phone?

JAMEY FARREL: It's okay, we're clear. I had to remove our tap on the surveillance systems.

IRA GAINES: What the hell is happening?

JAMEY FARREL: You know that new engineer they brought, in Milo Pressmen, he's getting close to discovering my entry point to the surveillance system.

IRA GAINES: You said you could take of this for me Jamey.

JAMEY FARREL: I did. I removed the tap. You don't need it anymore, I'm just trying to protect you.

IRA GAINES: You want to protect me? Get me Bauer.

JAMEY FARREL: They're taking him to Division.

IRA GAINES: Division? No I got to get him back.

JAMEY FARREL: And you will.

IRA GAINES: When? I need him now and if that's not going to happen I will move on.

JAMEY FARREL: Look don't do anything until I call over there.

IRA GAINES: All right get back to me. (Hangs up)


JAMEY FARREL: He's not waiting around much longer.

NINA MYERS: I'm going to work off the name Gaines.


MILO: Hey have you seen this thing on Palmer?

NINA MYERS: I know, we're working on it. What are you doing?

MILO: Nothing, I'm waiting on the keycard from Tony.

NINA MYERS: Forget about that from this moment on you're taking over all of Jamey's projects. No questions.



JACK BAUER: I've been tracking this assassin since midnight. Fifty minutes ago he was here, I know what he looks like, I can identify him but you got to let me get in touch with my people.

AGENT HAYS: Sit down Bauer!

JACK BAUER: Back off!

AGENT SIMES: You're not helping yourself Jack.

JACK BAUER: I need to get back on this case.

AGENT SIMES: That's not going to happen. I have no choice but to turn you over to the FBI.

JACK BAUER: Can I speak to you off the record?

AGENT SIMES: No we can speak on the record. I know you're a good agent Bauer, now you want to tell me what's going on here?

JACK BAUER: If you ever repeat what I'm about to say I will deny it in court. You'll understand as soon as I explain. My wife and daughter are being held hostage. If I do not get myself out of this situation they will be killed.

AGENT SIMES: Who's holding them?

JACK BAUER: Same people that want Palmer dead. They used me to smuggle a weapon through security and put it in the hands of the assassin.

AGENT SIMES: And did you?


AGENT SIMES: I'm not sure you want me to believe that Jack.

JACK BAUER: I had to, they were going to kill my family but I got Palmer out of the room, I saved his life. I know this sounds crazy but you have to believe me send a cruiser to my house, My family there gone they have been taken, you have to let me go. If I get back out there I can be the main conduit to these people and I can bring them down.

AGENT SIMES: If I wanted to I don't have the authority to release you. I'm turning you over to District. Tell them what you told me maybe they can help you.

(Jack shows signs of giving up and he leans his head against a pole)

JACK BAUER: They won't.

AGENT SIMES: Allen, you and Mitchell take him down... I'm sorry Jack. JACK BAUER: You will be if Palmer dies.

(They walk him through passing a bridge that leads to the outside. On the bridge is gas mains and Jack gets an idea. They continue to walk him as Jack all of a sudden kicks open a gas main. Smoke goes everywhere. Jack opens as many mains as possible. He somehow knocks out an agent as he makes a run for it now outside trying to get to the ground of the power plant.)

AGENT HAYS: Do not fire, we don't need an explosion in here. He's heading outside. Bauer!

AGENT MITCHEL: He's heading south. Over there.

(Jack hops a fence still cuffed as he spots a car driving down the road he stops it and gets in)

JACK BAUER: Drive... Drive the car damn it!

8:12:46, 8:12:47, 8:12:48


8:16:16, 8:16:17, 8:16:18

(The woman driving the car tries to mase Jack but it doesn't work)

JACK BAUER: Ahhh! Drive! Turn left in this driveway now.

WOMAN: Okay.

JACK BAUER: Make a right at the end of the parking lot.

LAUREN: Okay, okay.

(Dead end)

JACK BAUER: Damn it!Back it up back it up. Go into the construction site. See that parking spot, take it. Calm down. I just need to make one phone call then I'll let you go. Put the car in park and get out please.

(They make there way up some steps to an office)

LAURNE: Door's locked.

(Jack breaks the window and opens the door)



TONY ALMEIDA: How could you do this? Betray your country. Be responsible for the deaths of people you work with.

JAMEY FARREL: I told you I didn't know any of that was going to happen.

TONY ALMEIDA: Ah that's right. You just tapping on your keyboard, right? ..........So how much they paying you? 1$ million? 2$ million?

JAMMEY FARREL: Three hundred thousand.

TONY ALMEIDA: You know I could use three hundred thousand bucks. Everyone in here could use some extra cash.

JAMEY FARREL: I had a husband who left me and my son with nothing. I had to do something.

TONY ALMEIDA: And this is what you did.

JAMEY FARREL: Yeah that's right. I work twice as hard as anyone here and I make half as much. You think that's fair?

TONY ALMEIDA: You didn't have to take the job.

JAMEY FARREL: You don't know what kind of pressure I'm under.

(Nina enters)

NINA MYERS: Got Milo working on the name Gaines. She given you anything?

TONY ALMEIDA: Just excuses.

NINA MYERS: Well we got to keep Gaines calm. Call him and tell him that Jack's on his way back to CTU from Division.

JAMEY FARREL: I'm not saying anything 'til I get immunity, in writing signed by Chapelle.

(Nina's phone rings. It's Jack)


JACK BAUER: Thank God you're all right. They wanted me to kill you that's why I put the flak jacket on you. I couldn't think of anything else.

NINA MYERS: Why did they want to kill me?

JACK BAUER: Because you started piecing everything together. Nina I'm so sorry.

NINA MYERS: It's okay I'm fine. What's happening with Teri and Kim?

JACK BAUER: They're being held hostage. They said they would kill them if I didn't help them take out Palmer.

NINA MYERS: Where are you now?

JACK BAUER: Secret service had me in custody but I got away. They tapped into our surveillance, you got to stay out of sight.

NINA MYERS: We took care of it. We found their inside person. It's Jamey.

JACK BAUER: That's not possible, Walsh cleared her.

NINA MYERS: We've got her right here she's all ready confessed.

JACK BAUER: Oh my God........She had access to everything. Did she say anything about Teri or Kim?

NINA MYERS: She doesn't know their location, She knows there's someone named Gaines running the show.

JACK BAUER: What else?

NINA MYERS: She's not cooperating.

JACK BAUER: What do you mean she's not cooperating?

NINA MYERS: She wants a letter of immunity signed by Chapelle...before she says anything else.

JACK BAUER: Put her on the phone.

NINA MYERS: Hold on.....................(To Jamey) Talk to him.

JAMEY FARREL: No, I'm not talking.

(Tony grabs the phone and puts it next to Jamey's ear.)

TONY ALMEIDA: She's listening Jack.

JACK BAUER: Jamey....


JACK BAUER: Look, I know that Nina and Tony don't understand what you're going through right now but you know me. I don't care about protocol and I'm true to my word. If you help me bring down Gaines and help me get my wife and daughter back safely I promise you I will get you out of this.

JAMEY FARREL: You don't have the power to do that.

JACK BAUER: Of course I do. Right now only four of us know about this. I can take care of Nina and Tony. I can get this done. Jamey please.

JAME FARREL: No you'll say something. I want immunity first.

(Nina grabs the phone)

NINA MYERS: Jack what do you want me to do here?

JACK BAUER: She has a son named Kyle. Bring him in.

NINA MYERS: Wait a minute you can't do that. You got to be careful.

JACK BAUER: I also need a car. Put a CTU com unit in it....Box of 9mm ammunition, a locksmith kit, the whole package.

NINA MYERS: And then?

JACK BAUER: I'm going to try to get myself out of this. I'm going to find Teri and Kim.

NINA MYER: Where do you want the car?

JACK BAUER: Corner of Temple and Mercer......Thank you Nina.

NINA MYER: All right.. Bye.

(Hangs up)

LAUREN: Who are you? What's going on?

JACK BAUER: A few hours ago someone kidnapped my wife and daughter.

LAUREN: I don't get it then why are you running from the police?

JACK BAUER: What's your name? Lauren? I'm Jack, I work for a special branch of the government. Last night I was given a very important assignment. Right now someone is trying to stop me from carrying it out... You don't believe me do you? If I were you I wouldn't believe me either.

LAUREN: What I want to know is why do you have me here. You have a car, a place to hide.

JACK BAUER: I can't afford to be taken back into custody. If they get close enough they have to believe that I'll do something really crazy.

LAUREN: Like shoot me?

JACK BAUER: I'm not going to shoot you.

(Lauren starts to get up.)

LAUREN: You know something, I think I believe you.

JACK BAUER: Where are you going?

LAUREN: You're not the only one you has problems Jack. I just came off of a hellacious night shift, I'm due in court in 45 minutes on a charge which I'm guilty of so good luck with your crisis.

(She heads for the door Jack points his gun at her as she sits back down)

JACK BAUER: Lauren, I've killed two people since midnight. I have not sleep in over twenty four hours, maybe you should be a little more afraid of me. Sit.

8:24:35, 8:24:36, 8:24:37



ANNE: Are you okay?

SHERRY PALMER: Everything's all right. No need to worry.

ANNE: We heard there was someone with a gun.

SENATOR PALMER: It's not clear what happened. I'm afraid I'm intact and as grouchy as ever so let's all get back to work.

SHERRY PALMER: Oh, ah where's Keith?

ANNE: He left about a half ago.

SHERRY PALMER: Did he say where?

ANNE: No. He seemed to be pretty upset. He stormed out of here.

SHERRY PALMER: I'm sure he's all right Anne, thanks. (To David) Should we send someone after him?

SENATOR PALMER: No, no he's okay. He just needs some time alone.

SHERRY PALMER: David, I know how you feel about telling our side of the story first, but right now there's no time for that. Maureen is going to go on the air at nine o'clock. That's forty minutes from now, isn't there anything we can do to stop her?

SENATOR PALMER: She won't budge. And why would she? I can see it now: Candidate's son faces murder charges. Cover up suspected. It's a huge story Sherry.

SHERRY PALMER: I can not believe your going to accept this without putting up a fight.

SENATOR PALMER: There's nothing to fight. In fact it doesn't matter who breaks the story. Me or Maureen. We're going to have to deal with it and move on.

SHERRY PALMER: I've seen you do the impossible for your career. I'm just asking you to do it for your son.

SENATOR: No, you're asking me to rewrite history. If you wanted my help you would have asked me seven years ago.

SHERRY PALMER: Oh for crying out loud David�



(Tony answers a ringing phone)


JACK BAUER: Tony it's Jack, where's Nina?

TONY ALMEIDA: She's on the floor working up some information we got from Jamey.

JACK BAUER: Is Kyle there yet?

TONY ALMEIDA: No not yet.

JACK BAUER: What about the car?

TONY ALMEIDA: Ah Nina sent it. Should be there in ten minutes.

JACK BAUER: Tony, Secret service said you were the one who called and take me out of play.

TONY ALMEIDA: Yeah. I felt I had to Jack.

JACK BAUER: Given the information you had I think you made the right choice.

TONY ALMEIDA: I didn't realize what you were going through earlier tonight, I'm sure the last thing you needed was me giving you attitude.

JACK BAUER: I appreciate that. Look I wish I knew earlier I could trust you. I'm just glad you were there when Nina came back to CTU. I'll call you when I get the car.

TONY ALMEIDA: All right.

(Hangs up)

JACK BAUER: Lauren come here to the window. See that tool down there? The one that looks like a hedge trimmer?

LAUREN: The bolt cutters?

JACK BAUER: Yes the bolt cutters. Could you get them for me please? I'll be watching you.

(Lauren walks down grabs them and comes back into the office)

JACK BAUER: Good, You're going to have to do it with a burst give it everything you got.

LAUREN: I know how to use bolt cutters.

(She cuts Jack free)




MIKE NOVIC: That was Frank Simes from secret service. What are you doing?

SENATOR PALMER: Pouring myself a drink Mike.

MIKE NOVIC: It's not even nine in the morning.

SENATOR PALMER: What did Simes say?

MIKE NOVIC: The CTU agent at created the disturbance at the power plant was named Jack Bauer. He tried to take the gun off one of the secret service agents. He claimed the gesture was misinterpreted.

SENATOR PALMER: Maybe it was.

MIKE NOVIC: As Bauer was being taken into custody he escaped.

SENATOR PALMER: Now how the hell did he do that?

MIKE NOVIC: I don't know but they haven't found him yet. He's still out there.

SENATOR: Jack Bauer... Bauer.

MIKE NOVIC: You know him?

SENATOR PALMER: I've heard the name.




ELI: Get up.

TERI BAUER: What are you doing?

ELI: Don't worry I'm not going to hurt her... Get up and go to the other room.

TERI BAUER: Don't you think about touching my daughter.

ELI: Move.

(Eli tosses Teri aside and tries to get Kim)

TERI BAUER: Don't touch her!

ELI: You stay out of this or I will hurt her.

(Kim knees Eli in the privates and throws some boards in his way, making a small barricade)

KIM BAUER: No... get away.

ELI: Shut up!

TERI BAUER: Hey, I won't fight.


TERI BAUER: It's going to be all right honey. Come on.

ELI: All right.

(Eli takes Teri into the other room)

8:36:37, 8:36:38, 8:36:39


8:40:55, 8:40:56, 8:40:57


TERI BAUER: Kim I'm okay.

KIM BAUER: Mom this is all my fault. If I hadn't snuck out none of this would of happened.

TERI BAUER: It's okay Kim... We will get through this, we're going to be a family again. You and me and Dad are gonna have our lives back.

KIM BAUER: You're not gonna tell dad?

(Teri gets a hold of a cell phone and starts to dial)

KIM BAUER: Where did you get that?


TERI BAUER: Nina, listen it's Teri.

NINA MYERS: Teri, where are you? (A terrorist named Jensen enters. Teri hides the phone)

NINA MYERS: Teri, Teri, hello?

JENSEN: Stand in that corner and shut up.



MIKE NOVIC: You ready to go?

SENATOR PALMER: Kingsley's breaking the story in about ten minutes. Have we prepared something?

MIKE NOVIC: Not necessary. She's not breaking the story. She's going to sit on it for now.

SENATOR PALMER: Why would she do that?

MIKE NOVIC: Don't know, she didn't say.

(Mike leaves)


SENATOR PALMER: Maureen is holding off on the story for some reason.

SHERRY PALMER: Thank God David.

SENATOR PALMER: Have any idea why she would do that?

SHERRY PALMER: No. Maybe her sources weren't solid.

SENATOR PALMER: I want to talk to her.

MIKE NOVIC: After she gets off the air I'll call her.

SHERRY PALMER: Don't you think it's smarter to let things be?

SENATOR PALMER: No I think it's smarter to know everybody's motives.

(The Senator walks through the door.)


JACK BAUER: I'm sorry I had to get you involved in all this.

LAUREN: Just let me go.

JACK BAUER: Soon as I get my car. I used to be in the military, did field work for the CIA. I'm been to some horrible places. Seen some horrible things... I don't think I've ever been this scared in my whole life.(He closes his eyes for a moment.Lauren tries to get to the door but Jack wakes back up.)

8:48:38, 8:48:39, 8:48:40



JAMEY FARREL: I am not saying yet.

TONY ALMEIDA: I think you will.

JAMEY FARREL: Why do you say that?

TONY ALMEIDA: Cause were bringing in Kyle.

JAMEY FARREL: What? I'll kill you if you touch my son.

NINA MYERS: We're not going to lay a hand on him but if you don't give us any information to help us find Gaines We don't have a choice but to bring him in here.

JAMEY FARREL: No. You won't.

TONY ALMEIDA: Imagine the effect it will have on him, seeing his mother in cuffs.

JAMEY FARREL: No this is not fair. Nina, Please... Don't do this. Kyle can't see me like this... Please Nina.

NINA MYERS: He doesn't have to Jamey. You just have to start talking to us.

TONY ALMEIDA: The bottom line is the best thing you can do for your son is to help us get Gaines now.


TONT ALMEIDA: Once we have you in custody Gaines is going to do anything he can to keep you from testifying. And if he can't get to you directly, Where's he going next? Your son.

(JAMEY starts crying.)

JAMEY FARREL: Kyle... I'm just so... confused. I need time to think.

NINA MYERS: Take a couple minutes.

[Nina and Tony leave Jamey still cuffed to the chair alone)



(Sirens are wailing. Jack looks out the window.)

JACK BAUER: Lauren, I'm in big trouble here, I need your help. I got to get to my car. I step out of this trailer they'll take me into custody.

LAUREN: You want me to pick the car up?

JACK BAUER: Yes and bring it back here. I need you to park it around the side.

(Secret Service and police are outside.)

LAUREN: Just answer me this... Are your wife and daughter really being held hostage?

JACK BAUER: Yes they are.

(Lauren starts to head for the car but looks at the window and turns around back to agents.)

JACK BAUER: No... What are you doing? No.

(Lauren tells the agents where Jack is. They start running up the steps)

JACK BAUER: Son of a bitch, no!

(Jack climbs through the back window.)

(Dramatic and intense music.)

AGENT HAYS: He's out of the window, I see him. Damn it Bauer.

(Jack jumps off a scaffolding and lands on the street, making his way back to the car.)

AGENT HAYS: I have a twenty on Bauer.

(Jack climbs in and takes off.)



NINA MYERS: What have you got?

MILO: I tried Gaines under many spellings and came up with a long list of those with records and those with criminal associations.

NINA MYERS: Cross check it with everything else we've gotten today. Plane crash, Allen York, Penticof.

MILO: Got it.

TONY ALMEIDA: She's had enough time to think about it.


(They walk into the ITS room only to find Janey almost dead. She slit her wrists and blood is everywhere.)

NINA MYERS: Oh my God! Get her out of those Tony!

(Nina calls for medical help.)

NINA MYERS: We need help. Yes we're in ITS.

(Split screen of Ira Gaines calling Jamey's cell and Nina and Tony in ITS.)


(Nine and Tony don't know what to do. Ira Gaines gets more and more upset.)

8:59:57, 8:59:58, 8:59:59, 9:00:00

Transcript By Daniel Smith