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01X03: 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.


Transcript by Daniel Smith

Do not archive this transcript without permission from the transcriptionist.

Jack Bauer (voice over): The following takes place between 2:00 A.M and 3:00 A.M. on the day of the California presidential primary. Events occur in real time.

(Jack continues to drive through red lights as he pulls over to the side and takes the thumb that he cut off and sends it to the data services center through his scanner.)

Operator: Authorization.

Jack Bauer: Bauer 4393 C.T.U.

(He sends the fingerprint)

Operator: Okay were on it.

Jack Bauer: Get back to me as soon as you have a match.



(Teri calls Jack)

Jack Bauer: Bauer.

Teri Bauer: Jack I talked to her.

Jack Bauer: Thank God. What did she say?

Teri Bauer: She and Janet where at some party.

Jack Bauer: So you going to pick em up?

Teri Bauer: No, I don't know where she is, she wouldn't tell me.

Jack Bauer: What?

Teri Bauer: She sounded different. She told me that she loved me. That's not like Kim.

Jack Bauer: She knows she's going to get grounded, she's just trying to reduce the sentence.

Teri Bauer: Yeah you're right. How are you?

Jack Bauer: I'm fine. Look is that guy York still with you?

Teri Bauer: Yeah he's going to take me home now.

Jack Bauer: Don't you think you should wait by Janet's car. I mean who knows the kind of shape the girls will be in when they get dropped off.

Teri Bauer: Well no, Alan doesn't seem to think that's necessary.

Jack Bauer: Why don't you put Alan on the phone?

Teri Bauer: Jack don't do this.

Jack Bauer: Teri just put him on the phone.

Teri Bauer: (Alan, my husband would like to speak with you.)

Alan York: This is Alan.

Jack Bauer: Alan, Jack Bauer. I can't thank you enough for helping out with this.

Alan: I'm just glad the girls are together.

Jack Bauer: Me too. I'm stuck at work . I'm in a bit of an emergency. I would really appreciate if you waited there for the girls to return.

Alan York: The thing is I don't think there going to be back for at least a couple of hours.

Jack Bauer: The thing is Alan it's a rough neighborhood and I would hate for them to have a problem when they return.

Alan York: Sure we'll stay.

Jack Bauer: Thank you.


2:05:11, 2:05:12, 2:05:12


Ira Gaines: You got to be kidding me. We had a deal Mandy. You promised to deliver Belkin's ID in exchange for one million dollars and now she wants to double it.

Mandy: Ira I'm sorry. She doesn't know how this works.

Ira Gaines: NO, THIS IS YOUR FAULT. You should have never involved an amateur in our work.

Angela: If I'm such a amateur then...

(Mandy slaps Angela in the face)

Angela: I'm just trying to get us more money.

Ira Gaines: There is no more money.

Mandy: Ira I'll fix this.

(Gaines's cell rings)

Ira Gaines: WHAT?! No we don't have it yet. I'll get back to you when where ready. (Hang up) Talk to her. Explain what I do.

Mandy: I will but our deal stands.

Ira Gaines: Forget it.

(Ira slams the door into the other room.)

Ira Gaines: Damn it.

Jonathan: I need to get out of here my friend.

Ira Gaines: It'll just be a little longer.



Sherry Palmer: We've been getting death threats since David announced his running for office. What is so different about this one?

Agent Pierce: I don't have that kind of information but I can tell you that my unit is called in when the threat becomes more serious.

Sherry Palmer: Then why did you let him walk out on his own?

Agent Pierce: We will find him Mrs Palmer.

Sherry Palmer: I'm sorry. We're grateful to have you here.

(Keith enters)

Keith Palmer: He's not down at the lobby. I looked everywhere.

Sherry Palmer: Keith, you shouldn't be leaving the suite. Let these men do there job.

Keith Palmer: There's a all night coffee shop down the block, I bet he just wanted to be alone I'll go get him.

Sherry Palmer: Keith, you're not going anywhere.

Keith Palmer: Mom I'll be right back.

Agent Pierce: I'm sorry son, we need you to stay here.

Keith Palmer: Why?

Agent Pierce: We treat a threat on a candidate's life as a threat on the entire family.........We need to protect you as well.

Sherry Palmer: Keith. Your father is going to be fine.

(Sherry takes the keys from Keith)


2:08:02, 2:08:03, 2:08:04

(Dan's van pulls into a empty parking lot as his cell rings)

Dan: Yeah.

Ira Gaines: It's Gaines, I need an update on the Bauer girl.

Dan: Everything's kopa. Were just waiting on you.

Ira Gaines: I'm running a little late.

Dan: We're not going anywhere.

Ira Gaines: That's right your not. (Hangs up)

Rick: Janet's in pain man, I think you broke her arm.

Dan: Really you think so? I'm smoking another j you want one?

Rick: Sure.

Kim Bauer: So is Dan the boss and you do everything he says.

(Rick grabs Dan's stash of drugs)

Dan: Yeah man, what?

(Rick pushes Dan down)

Rick: Don't press me man.

(Rick injects a drug into Janet's arm)

Kim Bauer: You're giving her that?

Rick: You want me to stop the pain or what?


2:10:38, 2:10:39, 2:10:40


2:14:53, 2:14:54, 2:14:55


(Jack enters from a side door. He doesn't want Nina to see him so he calls her desk line from a distance.)

Jack Bauer: Hey it's me.

Nina Myers: Jack, where are you?

Jack Bauer: I'm about a block away. I need you to print up a hard copy of Tony's passenger list and put it on my desk.

Nina Myers: Okay.

Jack Bauer: Wait there, I want to talk to you but not in front of the others.

Nina Myers: All right.

(Nina hangs up and grabs the list from Tony. She starts to walk up to Jack's office Jack walks to Jamey's work station.)

Jack Bauer: Keep working. Has Division responded to the two dead agents yet?

Jamey Farrel: Yeah, they're picking them up right now.

Jack Bauer: Good.

Jamey Farrel: Anyone we know?

Jack Bauer: Someone we know. I'm afraid it was Richard Walsh. I'm sorry Jamey, I know what he meant to you.

(Jamey is lost for words)

Jamey Farrel: What is going on? This have to do with anything on Palmer?

Jack Bauer: That's what we have to find out. I don't have time to go through all the details. I have to put you in a very difficult position, you're the only one I can trust.

Jamey Farrel: What do you mean?

Jack Bauer: Walsh said we had a problem on the inside. He told me only to talk to you. (Hands Jamey the keycard) This is the keycard that I sent you. It has information on the hit on Palmer. How long will it take you to pull all the information off it?

Jamey Farrel: Depending on the encryption. It could take hours.

Jack Bauer: Palmer's day starts at six. I need it before then. One more thing; I have to be absolutely certain that it was Nina's computer that burnt that card.

Jamey Farrel: Why?

Jack Bauer: Because if it was she's dirty.

(Jack walks up his stairs to his office where Nina awaits)

Nina Myers: You going to tell me why you were at Dunlop plaza?

Jack Bauer: I had a meeting with Walsh. That the passenger list?

Nina Myers: Yes.

Jack Bauer: Anything different?

Nina Myers: There is one red flag. A man sitting 1st class. Jack I don't want to tell you how to do your job but you're leaving without telling me, holding back information. How can I help you?

Jack Bauer: Do you think it's possible that someone within the agency is involved with the hit on Palmer?

Nina Myers: Anything's possible... Do you have a lead?

Jack Bauer: No, not yet.

Nina Myers: Jack if you got something share it with me I'll work it up with you.

Jack Bauer: I'm just thinking out loud.

Nina Myers: Okay.......fine. Anything else?

(He looks at Jamey as she shakes her head no)

Jack Bauer: Yes there is............are you seeing Tony?

Nina Myers: Why?

Jack Bauer: Is it serious?

Nina Myers: What is this Jack? What do you want to know am I over you?

Jack Bauer: I'm just trying to understand why he's been giving me such a hard time.

Nina Myers: Well I can't answer that for you.

(Jamey calls the office)

Jack Bauer: Yeah?

Jamey Farrel: I just confirmed that the file on the card came off Nina's computer.

(Jack staring straight into Nina's eyes)

Jack Bauer: Thank you. (Hangs up) (To Nina) It's Division. They want the passenger list, please send it to them.

Nina Myers: Sure... (as she walks out) By the way your wife called.

(Jacks office phone rings)

Jack Bauer: Yes?

Operator: This is data services, you called in a thumb print for an ID match about an hour ago.

Jack Bauer: Yes.

Operator: We checked every database we have. Nothing. Either this guy doesn't exist or his identity has been wiped off the record.

Jack Bauer: Thank you.

(Jack sits down collecting his thoughts)

2:23:10, 2:23:11, 2:23:12



Angela: This will work out for the both of us.

Mandy: I don't care Angela. Now where is the ID?

Angela: This is not some secret I'm keeping from you. This will be better for both of us.

Mandy: You want to get both of us killed?

Angela: They hired you to blow up a plane. Another million dollars doesn't mean anything to these people.

Mandy: You're wrong, money is the only thing these people care about.

Angela: Let's do it anyway. You know he can't hurt us. One million for you one million for me. Don't you like the way that sounds?

(Mandy and Angela have a little make out session)

Mandy: Okay we're gonna do this your way.

Angela: Great, okay lets tell him.

Mandy: No, it would be better if I do it myself.

Angela: You're always looking out for me.


(Dan and Rick are talking outside next to the van. Kim and Janet are inside.)

Janet York: What happened?

Kim Bauer: Do you remember anything?

Janet York: Yeah, we were at the furniture store dancing. Where's Dan?

Kim Bauer: Dan broke your arm.

Janet York: Dan didn't break my arm.

Kim Bauer: Look at it.

Janet York: Oh my arm.

Kim Bauer: Listen to me this is serious. Were being kidnapped. We need to escape, can you walk?

Janet: Yeah I guess.

Kim Bauer: Get ready, when I say go, we go.

Janet York: Go where?

Kim Bauer: Just stay with me okay. You have to understand this. We could die if we don't get out of here.

(They make a run for it.)

Dan: Hey! Hey! No! No! No!


(They give chase)

Dan: We have to get them.


Dan: They can't get away.



Jack Bauer: Shut the door.

Jamey Farrel: Are we saying Nina's a traitor?

Jack Bauer: Not saying anything, we need to know for sure.

Jamey Farrel: Until we know for sure should I shut down here confidential information?

Jack Bauer: No, that will slow everything down. Look there has to be some sort of explanation for this. Right now I need the data off that keycard.

Jamey Farrel: But aren't we obligated to shut down her channels with this much evidence? Look you were seeing her right?

Jack Bauer: That's not your concern.

Jamey Farrel: I think in this case it is.

Jack Bauer: Yes, When my wife and I were separated I was seeing Nina.

Jamey Farrel: Did you tell her anything you shouldn't have?

Jack Bauer: No... I mean I don't think so. I trusted her with everything that was coming into this office but... Fine, shut down her network.

Jamey Farrel: What's she working on?

Jack Bauer: 747 passenger list. Thanks.


2:32:29, 2:32:30, 2:32:31

(Dan and Rick continue to chase the girls. Kim and Janet hide behind a dumpster in an alley. Behind them is a street bum giving services to another man for some cash.)

Man: Ahhhh forget it.

(The man walks away)

Bum: Come on man, come back. (Turns around to the girls) You just cost me fifty bucks.

(Dan and Rick see the bum but not the girls)

Bum: What up?

Dan: You see two girls run past here?

Bum: Yeah I seen 'em.

Dan: Which way did they go?

Bum: Who are they?

Dan: You seen them or not?

Bum: They went down central.

(Dan's cell rings)

Dan: Yeah.

Ira Gaines: It's Gaines how's it going?

Dan: Everything's fine.

Ira Gaines: Change of plans, we're going to meet at a new location.

Dan: Let me know, I'll meet you there.

(They walk down the street)

Kim Bauer: We need to get to a phone.

Bum: No you need to pay up. (Takes some money from Kim and Janet's necklace) This real? Thank you very much.

(The bum creeps into a small space just off the street. A few seconds later the girls follow him in.)

2:34:47, 2:34:48, 2:34:49


2:39:01, 2:39:02, 2:39:03

(Carl walks out into his hotel's parking lot as Senator Palmer meets him)

Carl: What couldn't wait till morning?

Senator Palmer: Maureen Kingsley called me two hours ago, said she had some new information.

Carl: David, you got me out of bed at two thirty in the morning, what did she say?

Senator Palmer: Said the Gibson boy, the one who raped Nicole didn't commit suicide. That he was thrown out of a window.

Carl: Okay so he was thrown out of a window.

Senator Palmer: Said it was Keith! She's going to publicly accuse my son of murder.

Carl: Okay there's a couple of ways we can handle this.

Senator Palmer: It's a lie Carl. It's dirty politics and I won't stand for it......My family had to live through that nightmare years ago and I won't put Nicole through it again.

Carl: She waits 'till the day of the primary so you don't have time to respond. Senator Palmer: I don't care what day it is. It's a lie.

Carl: I know but we can't pretend like today isn't important, now I'll put a lid on Kingsley at least 'till the polls close, we win the primary. Then take it from there.

Senator Palmer: No. We have to find out where this is coming from.

Carl: Oh I'll figure out where this is coming from and cut it off David you have your principals, you don't compromise, that's why I love you but you knew the gloves were coming off... Go back forget about this. I'm on it.

Senator Palmer: We can't let them throw my son to the wolves.

Carl: David I'll take care of it.

(Secret service arrives)

Carl: That for you?

Senator Palmer: Yeah, you better get lost.

Carl: I'll call you in an hour. (He exits)

Senator Palmer: It's alright fellas, I'm fine.


2:41:22, 2:41:23, 2:41:24


(Nina making coffee alone, Jack enters the room with a deadly serious look on his face. He walks up to Nina and whispers.)

Jack Bauer: How long have you been playing me?

Nina Myers: Playing you?

(Jack slams Nina into a chair)

Jack Bauer: Playing me. (Shows Nina the keycard) Why don't you tell me about this.

Nina Myers: Tell you what Jack?

Jack Bauer: Let's skip the I don't know what your talking about phase, you loaded this card with Intel on the Palmer hit and I want to know who your working for and who you smuggled this card to.

(Nina tries to get up)

Nina Myers: You're crazy.

Jack Bauer: Who are you working for?

Nina Myers: I work for you.

Jack Bauer: Who are you working for? WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?

Nina Myers: I WORK FOR YOU!


Nina Myers: I don't care where it came from I didn't do it. Now I can't believe that you think that I did.



(Ira Gaines has agreed to the extra million dollars)

Ira Gaines: There it is, one million in your account in addition to what we agreed on, now where is the ID?

Angela: Let's get it... No just the three of us.

Ira Gaines: Why should I trust you?

Angela: Because you want the ID.


Kim Bauer: How's your arm?

Janet York: It's okay if I don't move it.

Kim Bauer: Good, don't move it.

(They hide as Kim sees Dan's shadow)

Dan: I know you're in here! This is starting to PISS ME OFF!

(They escape to the street as they see a man leaning against his car)

Kim Bauer: Excuse me.

Man: You looking for something?

Kim Bauer: Can you help us these guys are after us.

Man: What guys?

Kim Bauer: I'll pay you whatever you want just get us out of here.

Man: Let's see the money.

Kim Bauer: Well I don't have it but I'll get it to you when you get us home.

Man: Sorry ladies I run a cash up front line of work. What's your name sweetheart?

Janet York: Janet.

Kim Bauer: Can we use your phone?

(The man attacks Kim. Then the street bum come out of nowhere and smacks the man with a board)

Bum: RUN! Take the phone and run... Go, go!

(The man grabs the board and beats the crap out of the bum as Dan and Rick show up and get past the man chasing the girls.)

2:48:21, 2:48:22, 2:48:23


2:52:34, 2:52:35, 2:52:36


Tony Almeida: Is this right?

Jamey Farrel: What?

Tony Almeida: They just posted a memorandum... Richard Walsh is dead.

Jamey Farrel: That can't be, I mean he was just here a couple of hours ago.

Tony Almeida: Can you find out what happened?

Jamey Farrel: Jack has me working on something else.

Tony Almeida: Open up a socket on my terminal, I'll check it myself.

(Jack calls for Jamey to come up to his office.)



(Gaines, Mandy, and Angela drive out in the desert to the location of the ID card. Angela digs it up and hands it to Gaines.)

Ira Gaines: Thank you.

(Jonathan the shooter fires a bullet killing Angela. He reloads and aims at Mandy's head)

Ira Gaines: That job this summer, you in?

(Mandy sheds some tears as she walks past Ira)

Mandy: Yes.

Ira Gaines: Okay Jonathan, you're done here.



Jamey Farrel: The keycard was programmed from Nina's computer. Log in time was 10:14 P.M. on January 14th.

Nina Myers: What was the date?

Jamey Farrel: January 14th.

Nina Myers: Second weekend in January Jack.

Jack Bauer: Thanks Jamey.

(She exits)

Jack Bauer: That was the same weekend we were in Santa Barbara together... That means someone has your log in code.

Nina Myers: You were way off on this one Jack!

Jack Bauer: I'm sorry.

Nina Myers: How could you? (She exits)

(Tony calls Division)

Tony Almeida: This is Almeida at C.T.U. Look you better get down here fast. Jack Bauer needs to be relieved of his command.


2:57:30, 2:57:31, 2:57:32

(Kim and Janet are running away and out of nowhere a car smashes into Janet. She drops to the ground. Kim cries, but Rick grabs her and takes her toward the van. The camera pans up on Janet as she opens her eyes and takes a breath.)

2:59:57, 2:59:58, 2:59:59, 3:00:00