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01X04: 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.


Transcript by Daniel Smith

Do not archive this transcript without permission from the transcriptionist.

Jack Bauer (voice over): The following takes place between 3:00 A.M. and 4:00 A.M. on the day of the California presidential primary.

(We open the next chilling hour with Janet York on the ground gasping for breath. Dan and Rick get Kim back into the van.)

Kim Bauer: We have to go back.

Dan: There's no point, she's dead.

Kim Bauer: You don't know that.

Rick: Hey take it easy.

Dan: You know what dude, you better start deciding whose side you're on.

Kim Bauer: We just can't leave her in the middle of the street.

(Dan shuts his van door.)



Jack Bauer: Nina!

(Nina walks away)

3:03:30, 3:03:31, 3:03:32

Jack Bauer: Nina I know your upset.

Nina Myers: Of course I'm upset Jack, what do you expect?

Jack Bauer: I'm sorry. Look the reason why I had to leave the office is because I got a call from Walsh. He was meeting another one of our agents, Scott Baylor. He said he had evidence.

Nina Myers: That led you to me, I know Jack but you should of thought it through.

Jack Bauer: Nina listen to me. Richard Walsh is dead.

Nina Myers: What?

Jack Bauer: He was shot, I watched him die.

Nina Myers: What is going on?

Jack Bauer: He had proof that people within our own agency were involved in the hit on Palmer.

Nina Myers: Who?

Jack Bauer: I don't know yet. Before Richard died he gave me that keycard, I hope that's going to tell us. Jamey's trying to break it down now.

Nina Myers: You trust Jamey?

Jack Bauer: Walsh did. I trust you which means the three of us have to work together. From this point forward we have to assume that we can trust no one else.

Nina Myers: I understand.

Jack Bauer: Work the card with Jamey, I have to make a call.



(Senator Palmer arrives back at the suite)

Secret Service agent: Sir Agent Pierce wanted to talk to you when you got back.

Senator Palmer: Fine, just give me a minute.

Agent: It's very important.

Senator Palmer: A minute.

3:04:57, 3:04:58, 3:04,59, 3:05:01

(Senator calls Carl)

Carl: Yeah.

Senator Palmer: Find anything out?

Carl: David it's only been a half an hour since you told me about it.

Senator Palmer: Carl, now I need you to find out the source of this story, not first thing in morning, now.

Carl: I understand but this can't be done over the phone, I have to make some calls.

Senator: It's five after three. I want to hear something by four.

Sherry Palmer: Where were you?

Senator Palmer: I went for a drive.

Sherry Palmer: A drive. Alone at this time of night?

Senator Palmer: I just needed to get away for a while.

Sherry Palmer: Away from what David? Wait a minute they haven't told you yet have they? There's been an assassination threat.

Senator Palmer: That's what all this fuss is about? I thought it was something serious.



Tony Almeida: Jack, I screened the passenger list. Something doesn't add up here.

Jack Bauer: What?

Tony Almeida: 2B. Manifest shows a empty seat.

Jack Bauer: So?

Tony Almeida: Well according to the ticket file, first class was full. Plus there was a waiting list. Why would the plane take off with a empty seat?

Jack Bauer: This is good, let's work it. What time does Rayburn get in?

Tony Almeida: Six.

Jack Bauer: Phone him, wake him up, bring him in now.

(Jack walks over to Nina and Jamey)

Nina Myers: We got something off the keycard. The encryption is complex but I've asked Jamey to work off sectors and she's manage to extract one.

Jamey Farrel: Just part of one really.

Jack Bauer: That's it, just an address? What's that got to do with Palmer?

Jamey Farrel: Doesn't say.

Jack Bauer: Cross check it with his schedule tomorrow.

Jamey Farrel: He's not going anywhere near it.

Jack Bauer: Has he been near it anytime since he arrived in Los Angeles?

Jamey Farrel: No.

Jack Bauer: How about previous visits, connections to family members, anything?

Jamey Farrel: I can check, it'll take time.

Jack Bauer: No, let's see what we can peel off, start in here.

Jamey Farrel: Still just the address on San Fernando road.

Jack Bauer: How long will it take you to access the next level, minutes or hours?

Jamey Farrel: Ah...Hours.

Jack Bauer: We don't have hours, I'll check out the address myself.

Nina Myers: You want some backup?

Jack Bauer: No I need you here.

Nina Myers: Jamey what's wrong?

Jamey Farrel: I can't access the encryption software.

Nina Myers: Phones are down too... It's a lockdown.

Jack Bauer: It's Mason, hide the keycard. (Jack sneaks out)

George Mason: Hello Nina. These men are with internal investigations, you're now under official lockdown.

Nina Myers: By what authority?

George Mason: District office.

Nina Myers: We're trying to stop an assassination George. Can't you do anything better than this?

George Mason: Two agents died tonight, lockdown is standard procedure until we get some answers. Where's Jack?

Nina Myers: I don't know?


Agent: Lockdown, nobody leaves.

Jack Bauer: Lockdown, are you serious?

Agent: No I'm kidding.

Jack Bauer: I just have to get some work from my car.

Agent: You know the drill.

Jack Bauer: Fine you take the keys.

(He drops his keys as Jack punches the agent and Jack gets away)

3:09:10, 3:09:11, 3:09:12


3:13:13, 3:13:14, 3:13:15


George Mason: All right I assume you're all aware of lockdown. Remain in the building. All communications will be monitored. Any incoming calls without secured access will be blocked.

Nina Myers: Who called them Tony, you?

Tony Almeida: Somebody had to, Jack's out of control.

Nina Myers: Meaning what?

Tony Almeida: Two agents are down and Jack was there when it happened.

Nina Myers: You can't believe that he had anything to do with that.

Tony Almeida: To tell you the truth, I don't know what to believe.

Nina Myers: I hate to know that this has anything to do with me.

Tony Almeida: You think what you want.

George Mason: All right, get comfortable, could be here for a while. (To Nina) All right Nina where did he go?

Nina Myers: I all ready told you I don't know.

George Mason: Sooner you let me know, the sooner we can get things up and running.

Nina Myers: I'm really sorry George, I can't help you out.



(Agent Pierce enters)

3:17:34, 3:17:35, 3:17:36

Agent Pierce: I'm not sure you appreciate the seriousness of this threat.

Senator Palmer: I get serious threats every morning with my orange juice.

Agent Pierce: With all due respect, this one's different. It's a shooter from overseas.

Senator Palmer: Who's behind it?

Agent Pierce: We don't know. But I'm sure your aware that an airliner exploded about an hour and a half ago outside of L.A. No survivors.

Senator Palmer: Are you saying there's some sort of connection?

Agent Pierce: Again we don't know.

Senator Palmer: What do we know Aaron?

Agent Pierce: That these are serious people and they want you dead today. (Senator gets up)

Senator Palmer: What about my family?

Agent Pierce: The threat appears to be against you only but of course we'll increase security around your family as well. Main thing is your schedule.

Senator Palmer: Today's primary day. I'm not going to hide in my hotel room.

Agent Pierce: Understood but we are recommending some changes. The breakfast for example.

Senator Palmer: The breakfast is important. The top labor leaders in the state are going to be there.

Agent Pierce: We're trying to keep you alive Senator.

Senator Palmer: And I'm trying to win an election.

(Pierce exits as Keith enters)

Keith Palmer: Mom said you wanted to see me.

Senator Palmer: Wanted to make sure you were all right. What are you doing up?

Keith Palmer: If I'm not sleeping by three, I'm not sleeping. I was going to watch some tube or something, want to join me?

Senator Palmer: Anything good on?

Keith Palmer: Not really.

Senator Palmer: I guess I'll pass.

Keith Palmer: I ah, heard about the threat.

Senator Palmer: Don't worry about it. They'll take good care of me.

Keith Palmer: They better.

Senator Palmer: Go on get some rest.

(The Senator is really worried about his son as Keith leaves the room.)


3:19:09, 3:19:10, 3:19:11


Kim Bauer: I'm telling you we have to go back.

Dan: You going to tell your girlfriend to shut her mouth or not?

Rick: Janet's most likely dead, all right, there's no point.

Kim Bauer: And what if she's not, she might need help... Why do you always do what he tells you? Why don't you think for yourself?

Rick: Leave it alone okay.

Kim Bauer: I can't, she's my friend.

(Dan suddenly pulls over)

Dan: Maybe she's right after all. Maybe we should go back. If she's alive she can ID us. We have to shut her up for good.

Kim Bauer: WHAT? What are you saying, you're going to kill her, you'll kill Janet.

Dan: Close her mouth.

(Rick ties Kim up with duct tape. She cries)



(Alan gets pulled over by a cop)

Alan York: Ah no. I don't believe this.

3:21:18, 3:21:19, 3:21:20

Officer: Stay in the car sir. You have any idea how fast you were driving? Alan York: Officer are daughters are missing, we got a phone call, we are on our way to pick them up.

Officer: Can I see your license and registration.

Alan York: Excuse me, did you just hear what I said?

Teri Bauer: Listen my name is Teri Bauer, he's telling the truth we really could use your help, my daughter just phoned from Plant's Auto Body.

(The officer walks back to his motorcycle as Alan gets out)

Officer: I asked you to remain in the car.

Alan York: Can we speed this up a little.

Officer: The women asked me to verify the 911, that's what I'm trying to do.

Alan York: You know you are a real piece of work. My daughter is in trouble, we're finished.

Officer: Wooo mama, this man disobeyed a direct order from a police officer. I'm afraid I will have to place him under arrest.

Alan York: You got to be kidding me.

(Dan's van passes right by Alan and Teri)

3:23:48, 3:23:49, 3:23:50


3:27:51, 3:27:52, 3:27:53


George Mason: You know Richard Walsh was killed. Scott Baylor too. You know Jack was there when it happened.

Nina Myers: I don't know anything about it.

George Mason: And you have no idea where he is right now?

Nina Myers: No.

George Mason: You're making a big mistake Nina.

Nina Myers: No you are.

George Mason: Jack is going down Nina. That doesn't mean you have to go down with him. You want to try again? Where is Jack now?



(Jack is searching for the street address on San Fernando Road. He finds it.)

3:29:33, 3:29:34, 3:29:35

(Jack calls Teri but she doesn't hear her phone because she got out of the car. He leave a message)

Jack Bauer: Honey it's me I'm just checking up on Kim, call you back soon.

(Jack walks into a old building. He sees a man light a smoke as Jack aims his gun)

Jack Bauer: Don't move.

(The man starts running and he shots at Jack. Jack runs after him as a cop hears gunfire and investigates. The suspect runs past the cop but not Jack)

Officer Hamilton: Stop right there.

Jack Bauer: Federal Agent!

Hamilton: Your badge.

(Jack tosses his badge)

Hamilton: C.T.U. what the hell is that?

Jack Bauer: Counter Terrorist Unit. Look Officer this guy is not waiting around for me so you better shot me or help me but decide now.

Hamilton: Okay I'll help you

Jack Bauer: Be careful with that gun, I need him alive. Give me your flashlight.

(They walk down a dark hallway)

(Teri calls Jacks cell, as it rings the suspect shoots)

Jack Bauer: Take cover.

(Jack turns off his cell)

3:30:17, 3:30:18, 3:30:19


(Dan's van drives slowly toward Janet's helpless body)

Rick: Maybe she's dead after all.

Dan: We have to be sure.

Rick: Let's just put her in the van.

Dan: No.

Rick: Dan...

Dan: Shut up. (Loads his gun and holds it out the window getting ready to kill her as a ambulance speeds down the street to Janet)

Rick: Move it!

(They take off)

Dan: Damn it!

3:37:28, 3:37:29, 3:37:30


3:40:06, 3:40:07, 3:40:08


(On cell is the Senator talking to Carl.)

Carl: All right I got a name. George Faragamo.

Senator Palmer: Find anything else, leave a message on the 802 number only. Thanks Carl. (Hangs up.)

Sherry Palmer: You have been spending a lot of time behind closed doors making phone calls.

Senator Palmer: Have I?

Sherry Palmer: What's going on David?

Senator Palmer: Phone call earlier tonight from Maureen Kingsley. She's digging up history. Bad history. She claims that Keith murdered the boy who raped Nicole.

Sherry Palmer: What? First Lyle Gibson was no boy, he was 19. Second, he killed himself. The court report proved it.

Senator Palmer: Maureen has new evidence.

Sherry Palmer: What evidence?

Senator Palmer: I put Carl on it. He came up with a name. George Faragamo.

Sherry Palmer: Keith's therapist.

Senator Palmer: He claims that�

Sherry Palmer: Ohh he's not claiming that Keith confessed in therapy. You have to get our lawyers on this right away.

Senator Palmer: I will.

Sherry Palmer: David you can't possibly think that our son is a killer.

Senator Palmer: No... Of course not.


3:44:41, 3:44:42, 3:44:43

Alan York: Look I'm sorry.

Officer: You don't get it do you.

Teri Bauer: Officer please, he's upset we both are. If you could just give us a break.

(The cop lets them go)

Alan York: Idiot.

(They drive away)


(Jack and Hamilton are now outside and are closing in on the suspect.)

Jack Bauer: Get him pinned down at the exit, I'll try to go around to the other side.

Hamilton: Okay.

(They split up. The suspect grabs Hamilton)

3:46:40, 3:46:41, 3:46:42


3:52:26, 3:52:27, 3:52:28

(The man yells for Jack to come out)

Man: Over here. You want me come and get me.

Hamilton: Don't do it, he'll kill both of us.

Man: Come out. Drop the gun.

(Jack Comes out)

Jack Bauer: I'll drop the gun but you have to relax.

Man: Put down the gun.

(Jack drops the gun, Hamilton tries to escape but the suspect shoots her in the head. Jack lunges at the suspect, grabs him. The cops arrive)


(Dan's van is parked as Ira Gaines' car arrives)

Dan: Hey, it's Gaines be cool man.

(Gaines arrives and gets out of his car)

Ira Gaines: Where's the other girl?

Dan: She was a problem so we killed her.

Ira Gaines: The body?

Dan: No one will find it.

Ira Gaines: She been any trouble?

Rick: Not at all.

(To Kim)

Ira Gaines: You're with me now. Be good you'll be back at the mall in a day or two. Be bad you won't. Understand?

(Kim nods her head.)

Ira Gaines: Good.



(Mason has got a location on Jack)

George Mason: Looks like are boy surfaced, his name popped up on a police frequency. Not surprised.

Nina Myers: Is he all right?

George Mason: We found Bauer, lockdown is over, let's go.


Jack Bauer: What was her name?

Officer: Jesse Hamilton. Know anything about this guy?

Jack Bauer: No but I have to take him in for questioning.

Officer: I don't think you noticed but he just killed a cop.

Jack Bauer: Of course I did but there's something else at stake here.

Officer: Not to these guys.

Jack Bauer: Can I get a minute alone with him?

(The officers moves away)

Jack Bauer: Get up. Now you tell me who you are and I might be able to help you.

Man: Don't let them take me, if you do I'm dead.

Jack Bauer: They seem to be in control.

Man: Not worried about them... Bauer.

Jack Bauer: Bauer, how do you know my name?

Man: That's not all I know. If you ever want to see your daughter again get me out of here.


(Jack attacks the man. The cops pull him off. The cops drive him away. Jack runs back to his car and follows the cops.)



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