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vapour, pára

liaison, titkos (esetleg szexuális) kapcsolat, összekötő

disingenuous, nem őszinte, KÉPMUTATÓ

ingenuous, őszinte

erstwhile, hajdani

snitch = lopás, információ lopás, árulás, beárulás, VAN ORR jelentése is de UK és talán ritka, mert egy csomó szótár nem hozza

Someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police (lehet snircher is)

Someone who reports another person's wrongdoings to someone in authority

Take by theft: "Someone snitched my wallet!"

Give away information about somebody

snitch on = beköp

A nose (usage - UK: An itchy snitch) - see snitch/verification


awareness, ismertség, tudni valamit  (brand awareness) DE  picit jelent  elővigyázatosságot  is  aware - második jelentéséből = 1.  having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception 2.Bearing in mind; attentive to

CORE MEANING: having knowledge of the existence of something
aware having knowledge of something from having observed it or been told about it;
I wasn't aware of any problem.
The leadership has been made well aware of the current position.
conscious fully appreciating the importance of something;
conscious of the need to make progress
He was conscious that his predecessor had not lasted long in the job.
mindful actively attentive, or deliberately keeping something in mind;
mindful of the need to proceed cautiously
mindful that the current license expires in early May
cognizant (formal) having knowledge about something;
making people cognizant of the fact that their decision will be final
sensible (formal) very aware of something;
We are sensible of the liberality of your offer.

all the same, annak ellenére

1 : something identical with or similar to another 2 : something or someone previously mentioned or described —often used with the or a demonstrative (as that, those) in both senses

all the same or just the same

: despite everything : nevertheless, however

spasm, görcs vagy roham muscle spasm

1. involuntary muscle contraction: an involuntary sudden muscle contraction
2. sudden burst of activity: a sudden brief emotion, sensation, or action
a spasm of pain

ripple, KIS HULLÁM, ebből a fodor és a moraj, illetve fodor, morajlik  jelentés

A small wave on the surface of a liquid

(electronics) an oscillation of small amplitude imposed on top of a steady value

Stir up (water) so as to form ripples

Flow in an irregular current (folyás) with a bubbling (bugyborékoló) noise

4. intransitive verb rise and fall in volume: to pass through a group or place, increasing and decreasing in loudness
Laughter rippled around the room.

ripple effect =

  1. the effect of one event setting off other events in an unexpected way, or unexpected areas.
    Defaults in America's mortgage lending businesses are causing a ripple effect through the major banks in other continents.



ancillary, alárendelt 

  • alárendelt
  • kiegészítő
  • mellék-
  • mellékes
  • beosztott


Ancillary administration is "the administration of a decedent's (halott) estate in a state other than the one in which she lived, for the purpose of disposing of property she owned there."[1] Another definition is the "administration of an estate's asset's in another state."[2] This is often a necessary procedure in probate, because the decedent may own property in a state other than his domicile, which is subject to the law of the state in which it sits.

An ancillary administrator is the personal representative who handles the property in the other state under ancillary administration. [3] Most major court systems will have forms and checklists for ancillary administrators to use.[4]

subordinate: in a position of lesser importance
2. providing support: providing support for somebody or something, e.g. nontechnical assistance to people who work in an industry or profession

noun  (plural an·cil·la·ries)
1. subordinate part: a subordinate part or element, e.g. a branch of an organization
2. employee providing nontechnical support: a worker who provides nontechnical assistance or support to the core workers in an industry or profession
[Mid-17th century. < Latin ancillaris< ancilla "handmaid," feminine of anculus "manservant"]


From Latin ancilla "maid".



ancillary (comparative more ancillary, superlative most ancillary)

  1. Subordinate; secondary; auxiliary.
    Your arguments are ancillary to the central theme of this discussion.





ancillary (plural ancillaries)

  1. An auxiliary; a subordinate.



Excise &Custom, Adó és Vám

probable, lehetséges (pl loss) DE főnév: lehetséges utód, An applicant likely to be chosen

incense, tömjén, befüstöl, tömjénez, hizeleg

perpetrate, elkövet

unvoiced, ki nem mondott

astray, félreeső, rossz iányban lévő, go astray =letéraz útról, send astray = eltérit

weakling, gyenge ember

villain, (fő)gonosz, principal bad character in a film, the villian ofthe piece = bajkeverő

dismay, megijeszt, felkavar

unflattering (implication), nem ízelgő utalás (belekeverés, sejtés)

overboard, hajó oldalán

fascia, cégtábla, kötöszövet

armful (of book), nyaláb, egy karnyi könyv

self-possession, önuralom

brink of tragedy,  tragédia szélén (meredek part) lásd verge on the brink of (verge) bankcupcy

farce, komédia

The political arena is a mere farce, with all sorts of fools trying to grab power.
DE van ilyen kaja is (spéci töltelék)


chaste, érintetlen (DE NEM ABSZCINENS!), inkább tisztát jelent, de étel is lehet chaste

"a holy woman innocent and chaste" PURE!!!!




From Old French chaste (morally pure), from Latin castus (pure).

[edit] Adjective

chaste (comparative more chaste, superlative most chaste)



more chaste


most chaste

  1. maintaining the integrity of the powers of life and love placed within the person and opposing any behavior that would violate one's personal dignity or the dignity of another.
  2. (sometimes considered incorrect) abstaining from sexual intercourse
Note: chaste is often confused with abstinence. Strictly speaking, chaste means pure and not "abstaining from sex", because married couples are often exhorted to have "chaste sex"--compare the Vatican encyclical Casti Connubii (Of Chaste Wedlock).


[edit] Translations



sepia (tint sepia), tintahal



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